Insurance And Physical Therapy

If you’d like to benefit from the best physical therapy in Falls Church, VA, you’re on the right site. Physical therapy can have a marked positive influence on recovery from injuries or surgery, especially if you attend therapeutic sessions from AmeriWell Clinics. As a result, many people seek us out as a part of their recovery plan. But before they get started, they often have the same question: Will my insurance cover physical therapy? 

Essential Benefits

Insurance companies categorize types of medical treatments and services in different ways. The category determines how coverage and reimbursement are handled. One of these categories is essential benefits, which includes habilitative and rehabilitative services, management of chronic conditions, and wellness and preventative services. Many insurance companies will only cover physical therapy if it falls under the umbrella of essential benefits.

Questions to Ask

Whether you choose our office or another physiotherapy office, we’d like you to stay informed about your options. The best way for you to know what is and isn’t covered by your insurance is to talk to a representative of the company. However, there’s more to that conversation than getting a simple yes or no answer. Here’s a list of questions to help you get the answers you need:

What are the limits of coverage? 

Some insurance plans have a limit on how many physical therapy sessions they will cover in a set period or per injury. Knowing these limits will help you better plan out your care. Most insurance plans are accepted at our office. We accept auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury and most health insurance plans. Since there are so many plans and coverage varies widely, please call us to find out if your plan covers care in our office. 

Is a doctor’s referral required? 

A referral often only requires a phone call to your primary care doctor, and it can make the difference between your physical therapy being covered or not. If a referral is required, make sure you have it before you start your therapy sessions.

What deductible applies? 

Different medical services and treatments can have different deductibles for you to meet. Knowing which deductible applies to physical therapy can help you avoid unexpected bills.

Do out-of-pocket expenses have an upper limit? 

Upper limits are another aspect of insurance plans that can vary based on the type of service or treatment you’re receiving. 

Does the coverage include devices or equipment? 

If your physical therapist wants you to do exercises between visits, you may need to purchase equipment to keep at your home. These devices can range widely in price. But reputable physical therapists, such as ours at AmeriWell Clinics, are very considerate and determined to develop an honest, manageable plan that works for you and will give you the results you’re expecting.

Other Options

If your insurance plan doesn’t cover the physical therapy you need, or you are unable to pay for it out of pocket, you do have other options. Pre-tax savings accounts called HSAs or FSAs allow you to save money for medical expenses. They could help reduce the overall costs, but it’s important to check the qualifications on these accounts as well.