On September 21, 2023, AmeriWell had the honor of being the sponsor of the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association’s (MHBA) 30th Anniversary Gala. This significant event took place during Hispanic Heritage Month and brought together prominent leaders from the Latino community and the legal field for an evening of celebration and reflection.

Karla Antonio, Director of Marketing at AmeriWell, and Jonathan Chavez, Director of Business, were among the distinguished guests at this landmark gala.Karla Antonio, Director of Marketing at AmeriWell, shared her thoughts on the event and AmeriWell’s partnership with MHBA: “For AmeriWell, being part of MHBA’s 30th Anniversary Gala is both an honor and a commitment to our community. Legal representation is essential to ensure that all members of the Latino community have access to justice and their fundamental rights. We are proud to support this cause and work alongside MHBA to make a positive impact.”

Jonathan Chavez, Director of Business at AmeriWell, added, “At AmeriWell, we believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. Collaborating with MHBA and participating in this gala is a testament to our commitment to equity and justice. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with MHBA and supporting the Latino community in their pursuit of fair and effective legal representation.”[/vc_column_text]

MHBA’s 30th Anniversary Gala served not only as a reminder of the vital importance of legal representation for the Latino community but also as a tribute to the achievements and progress made over three decades of dedicated work. AmeriWell’s active presence at this event reflects its commitment to justice and support for Latino communities across the United States.

AmeriWell is proud to have been a part of this unique evening and eagerly anticipates future collaborations with MHBA and other organizations dedicated to promoting equal access to justice for all.