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Accident doctor Wheaton, MDAccident doctor Wheaton, MD


Can a chiropractor prescribe drugs to a patient?


Though chiropractic treatments are medically proven to be highly effective for many conditions including those caused by auto accidents, there remains some confusion as to the role of chiropractor and accident doctors in Wheaton, MD. We welcome questions at Ameriwell and if you have a condition for which treatment has been ineffective using other methods, schedule an exam with our chiropractor. You may find that chiropractic treatment offers short term pain relief and long term healing. Contact us today to schedule an exam with our chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD at Ameriwell.


Chiropractic accident doctors in Wheaton, MD cannot write medical prescriptions. They also do not perform surgery. Instead, they are natural healing professionals who recognize the potential for side effects of medications, including addiction. By relying on the body’s natural ability to right itself, a chiropractor from Ameriwell is able to help our patients heal without surgery or prescribing medications.


Does this mean that chiropractors do not believe that medications have any value?

Not at all. In fact, a chiropractor strives to integrate chiropractic care with the care provided by the patient’s medical physician.  Our Wheaton, MD accident doctor recognizes that some medications are safe to use and can provide relief for extreme pain or may accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Integrative healthcare is possible with chiropractic care because we treat whatever issues are interfering with the body, whether it’s a misalignment of a joint, the spine, or a muscle. If you are currently on prescribed medication and opt to receive care from a chiropractor at Ameriwell, you will not be told to eliminate or reduce your medication unless your prescribing physician recommends it. Depending on the health issues that a patient is facing, your chiropractor may work in conjunction with any number of professional medical providers. This might include prescribing physicians, massage therapists, nutritionists, and others.  


An Integrated Health Care Approach


After your exam and diagnosis by a chiropractor from Ameriwell, you may have a deeper understanding of the cause or causes for your condition. Your chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD will likely prescribe a treatment for addressing the cause which should in turn resolve your symptoms. Depending on the nature of your condition, our integrated health care approach may include additional healthcare providers from Ameriwell such as nutritional experts, massage therapists, and more. We have successfully treated many people who had serious and painful conditions such as:


  •         Problems involving the tendons, muscles, nervous system, cartilage, bones, and ligaments.
  •         Soft tissue injuries from car accidents as well as sports injuries.
  •         Spine or joint injuries as well as pain.
  •         Spinal misalignment from impact injuries or other reasons.
  •         Posture issues that cause pain.
  •         Chronic pain from previous injuries.
  •         Acute pain from new injuries.
  •         Weight control to improve posture and reduce joint pain.

Contact Ameriwell to Learn More About Drug-Free Chiropractic Treatment

If you have a health condition for which you would like to explore the possibility of getting chiropractic treatment, call us today at Ameriwell. After an exam by our chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD, you should have a clearer picture of your healthcare options.