Accident Doctor Wheaton, MD

Accident Doctor Wheaton, MD

Can a chiropractor prescribe drugs to a patient?

Though chiropractic treatments are medically proven to be highly effective for many conditions including those caused by auto accidents, there remains some confusion as to the role of chiropractor and accident doctors in Wheaton, MD. We welcome questions at Ameriwell and if you have a condition for which treatment has been ineffective using other methods, schedule an exam with our chiropractor. You may find that chiropractic treatment offers short term pain relief and long term healing. Contact us today to schedule an exam with our chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD at Ameriwell.

Chiropractic accident doctors in Wheaton, MD cannot write medical prescriptions. They also do not perform surgery. Instead, they are natural healing professionals who recognize the potential for side effects of medications, including addiction. By relying on the body’s natural ability to right itself, a chiropractor from Ameriwell is able to help our patients heal without surgery or prescribing medications.

Does this mean that chiropractors do not believe that medications have any value?

Not at all. In fact, a chiropractor strives to integrate chiropractic care with the care provided by the patient’s medical physician.  Our Wheaton, MD accident doctor recognizes that some medications are safe to use and can provide relief for extreme pain or may accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Integrative healthcare is possible with chiropractic care because we treat whatever issues are interfering with the body, whether it’s a misalignment of a joint, the spine, or a muscle. If you are currently on prescribed medication and opt to receive care from a chiropractor at Ameriwell, you will not be told to eliminate or reduce your medication unless your prescribing physician recommends it. Depending on the health issues that a patient is facing, your chiropractor may work in conjunction with any number of professional medical providers. This might include prescribing physicians, massage therapists, nutritionists, and others.

An Integrated Health Care Approach

After your exam and diagnosis by a chiropractor from Ameriwell, you may have a deeper understanding of the cause or causes for your condition. Your chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD will likely prescribe a treatment for addressing the cause which should in turn resolve your symptoms. Depending on the nature of your condition, our integrated health care approach may include additional healthcare providers from Ameriwell such as nutritional experts, massage therapists, and more. We have successfully treated many people who had serious and painful conditions such as:

  •        Problems involving the tendons, muscles, nervous system, cartilage, bones, and ligaments.
  •        Soft tissue injuries from car accidents as well as sports injuries.
  •        Spine or joint injuries as well as pain.
  •        Spinal misalignment from impact injuries or other reasons.
  •        Posture issues that cause pain.
  •        Chronic pain from previous injuries.
  •        Acute pain from new injuries.
  •        Weight control to improve posture and reduce joint pain.

Contact Ameriwell to Learn More About Drug-Free Chiropractic Treatment

If you have a health condition for which you would like to explore the possibility of getting chiropractic treatment, call us today at Ameriwell. After an exam by our chiropractor or accident doctor in Wheaton, MD, you should have a clearer picture of your healthcare options.

Can a Chiropractor Help You With Your Workplace Injuries?

Millions of employees in the United States suffer from some sort of workplace injury or illness every year. While it is not uncommon to become injured at work, many of these injuries can be so severe that you must go on temporary or permanent disability. In fact, there is often a stigma associated with reporting workplace injuries because employees do not want to cause trouble or they may think that their employer will be upset that they must cover the cost of injuries. However, when you do suffer from an injury at work, it is important to notify your employer and seek medical help immediately.

One form of medical care that could be incredibly beneficial for treating your injuries is chiropractic care. If you were recently injured at work and are looking for a trusted chiropractor to help you heal after your injuries, reach out to a Wheaton, Maryland accident doctor now.

What are common examples of workplace injuries?

Some of the most common injuries that a person can sustain while on the job include:

  •      Falling objects hitting them.
  •      Slipping and falling.
  •      Falling from heights.
  •      Vehicular or automobile accidents.
  •      Repetitive motion injuries.

How can your job help after an injury?

All states have some type of law regarding workers’ compensation. This essentially states that if you get injured at work and it is directly related to your job, you can file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer and their insurance will accept or deny it. If they accept your claim, this can help you with the medical treatment you need after an injury and even pay for the time you had to take off work to recover. While not all workers have access to workers’ compensation coverage, it is generally worth exploring your options with an attorney.

How can a chiropractor help with my workers’ compensation claim?

When you are injured at work, one of the very first things you need to do after telling your supervisor is to seek help from a medical professional, even if you are unsure of the extent of your injuries. When you go in for a consultation, a Wheaton, MD accident doctor can assess your injuries, document them, and compile evidence illustrating that it was sustained at work and that it was serious enough to need chiropractic treatment. Your Wheaton, MD accident doctor may perform x-rays to get a closer look at the injuries and develop an appropriate treatment plan to help you recover quickly. Many people prefer going to chiropractors because they can devise treatment plans that do not feature taking medication that may produce strong side effects. Further, they may also have different treatment techniques that you can work on outside of your appointments to help with your painful injuries.

Why X-Rays Are Important to Your Wheaton, MD Accident Doctor

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, you know that it is likely you’ll be asked to have x-rays before you begin getting adjustments. It is almost certain they’ll be required if you’ve been involved in an accident. You may be confused about why the doctor would need to see a picture of your bones when an adjustment is focused on manipulating your joints. After all, x-rays do not show soft tissues like cartilage, muscles, and ligaments. However, there are some very important reasons that your accident doctor in Wheaton, MD needs additional information before determining your course of treatment.

Broken Bones

You may think that if someone has a broken bone it would be obvious. The truth is, stress fractures or hairline fractures can sometimes be hard to diagnose without x-rays. Without the proper diagnostic tools such as an x-ray, chiropractic treatment could exacerbate, or worsen, the fracture. Your  Wheaton, MD accident doctor is committed to helping you heal, so he or she may require different tests to ensure that they are putting you on the road to recovery, not causing you more pain. In some cases, once your practitioner is aware of the location and severity of the break, they may be able to perform manual therapy in other areas to help better align the bones for healing.


Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that affects their density. This leads to a high risk of bone fractures which commonly occur in the wrists, hips, back or neck. Frequently associated with aging, particularly in women, there are other reasons that someone may develop osteoporosis. Cancer treatments are known to weaken the bones. Thyroid problems or persistent, long-term lack of sufficient calcium in the diet are both possible contributors to an osteoporosis diagnosis. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are known factors for people more at risk:

  • Age – the risk of developing bone disease increases with age
  • Gender – females are at a much greater risk than males
  • Race – those of Asian and Caucasians descent are at increased risk
  • Genetics – if you have a parent with Osteoporosis, you are at a higher risk level
  • Body frame – those with small frames have less bone density to spare, placing them at higher risk


Like fractures, it may not always be easy to know about a dislocation without additional diagnostic tests. Dislocation is a severe instability of the joint due to stretched tendons or where the joint is smaller than it should be. This may occur in athletes or people who are double-jointed. X-rays can help the doctor diagnose the cause of the pain and determine the best treatment for the patient.

If you have persistent pain that doesn’t get better with over the counter aids, contact a Wheaton, MD accident doctor to see how they may be able to help.

Schedule an Appointment with an Accident Doctor in Wheaton, MD

Like any other medical professional, your Wheaton, MD accident doctor can take detailed notes of your appointments so that you can use this as evidence in your workers’ compensation claim for why you need this type of treatment, how it is effectively helping your injuries, and why this treatment specifically was the best choice to get you healed.

It is important that you speak with a Wheaton, MD accident doctor and your workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you are getting the right documentation necessary to provide for your claim. For more information on how we can help you with your workplace injury recovery process, reach out to AmeriWell Clinics today.