Chiropractic Care After Car Accident

On October 31st, 2022 a vehicle crash was reported downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. On Monday afternoon, the Montgomery County police responded to an armed robbery at the White Oak Shopping Center which is located on 9300 block of Piney Branch Road. The policed officers chased the fleeing suspects which ended in a crash as their car ran into the back of a Metrobus near downtown Silver Springs. The Montgomery County police vehicle crashed into the suspect’s car resulting in a three vehicle accident. The suspect’s car contained three men, two of which were taken into custody, while the third was extricated from the damaged car by the Fire and Rescue team. Neither the suspects nor the metorbus driver and passengers reported as having serious injuries. 

After an individual experiences a vehicle crash, they should seek out a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Even if they are not experiencing severe physical discomfort or injury, a medical evaluation is still strongly encouraged. Victims of a crash could experience internal bleeding, concussion or other more serious ailments as a result of the collision. Following a medical evaluation, the injured victim should weigh their treatment options. While surgery may be necessary for some injuries, mild injuries can be treated with a variety of treatment methods. For example, some choose to use prescription medication for their plan relief. While this might be a good, temporary option for those seeking pain relief, it may not be the best option for all car accident survivors. Due to prescription medication’s negative side effects, and potential for habit formation, those who wish to take it should weigh the pros and cons before starting this form of treatment. In addition, prescription medication merely masks the pain, without treating the underlying problem of the pain. 

For those wishing to treat the root of the problem, a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD is a great treatment option. Recovering from injuries sustained from a vehicle crash may be difficult for some. Thankfully, the team at AmeriWell Clinics can help. By targeting specific areas of misalignment, chiropractors can treat their patient’s pain. Some severe injuries may require more chiropractic treatment than other mild injuries. During a patient’s initial consultation with a chiropractor, the patient and chiropractor will go over the treatment plan. If a patient has any concerns about pain or discomfort, he or she should speak to their chiropractor. Due to the gentle adjustment treatment of chiropractic care, most patients experience little to no pain. Unlike other treatment methods such as prescription medication and surgery, chiropractic care has no harmful side effects. Regular chiropractic treatment benefits those who have sustained injuries as well as patients who desire a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic treatment allows the body to be alligned properly, increasing mobility and strength. If a patient’s body is out of alignment especially following an accident, they could experience severe pain. Chiropractic care is a long lasting method of treatment, that greatly benefits patients. If you have pain following an accident, or wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle contact a chiropractor today.