Common Causes of Hair Loss

Taking care of yourself by seeing the right doctors and chiropractors as you age is important. The same goes for taking care of your hair. If you are suffering through hair loss, there are treatment options available that may be right for you. A hair transplant doctor like one from Dr. Robin Unger can help assess the root cause of your hair loss and suggest treatment options that may be suitable for you. There can be a number of contributing factors that are resulting in your hair loss, from your family medical history to stress. A doctor with experience treating patients going through hair loss or thinning hair can go over the various hair restoration treatment options with you. Some of the most common causes of hair loss are described below. 


Everyone experiences stress in their life, whether it’s due to work, school, environmental factors or other reasons. However, stress can contribute to hair loss in many people. If you go through prolonged stress, it can hinder the body’s ability to stimulate hair growth. To mitigate the effects that stress can have on the body, implementing lifestyle changes such as deep breathing exercises can minimize hair loss.

Medical Conditions

Hair loss can develop due to a variety of medical conditions. Various medical conditions can affect hair at different stages of the hair growth cycle. Alopecia is a condition that results in significant hair loss, and it can lead to balding. If you have a medical condition that has inhibited hair growth or resulted in hair loss, talk to a skilled hair loss doctor about available hair restoration options.  


Thinning hair or loss of hair can be rooted in family history. Balding, thinning hair and hair loss is common as you age, but some individuals are more prone to developing it. Certain life changes can lead to hair loss as well. For example, women who have gone through menopause may experience changes to their hair, and may notice that their hair is noticeably thinner. 

Vitamin Deficiency

Lack of essential vitamins can result in hair loss. Without the right amount of nutrients like protein, people can experience hair loss. Hair falling out can also be caused by a lack of iron. To combat this, taking daily vitamins as well as supplements such as biotin can help to stimulate growth of hair follicles which can combat hair loss and improve the overall health of your hair.

Tight Hairstyles

When the hair is pulled too tightly, it can result in a condition known as traction alopecia. This is caused by certain hairstyles such as ponytails, braids, bun hairstyles, and extensions that are clipped on or woven close to the scalp. 

For more information, schedule a consultation with a respected and trusted hair transplant doctor.