Dr. Roberto Rodriguez Molina

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, DC

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, DC grew up in Catano, Puerto Rico and attended Interamerican University, Bayamon Campus where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. My interest in sports, rehabilitation and holistic medicine led me to pursue my chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. Currently, he is enrolled to obtain my Master in Sports and Rehabilitation with the end goal of becoming a Sports Chiropractor.

During his academic experience he was able to provide chiropractic care in different environments such as: The Veterans Affair Hospital from Canadaigua NY, Athletic department of Hobart University, and Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester NY. He is a board certified and licensed by the Maryland Chiropractic Board of Examiners.

In addition, to his degrees, he also holds certifications in Rock-tape, Whole Food Nutrition and First Aid/CPR/AED from the American Red Cross. He is a passionate doctor that always provide good quality care to his patients and encourage better quality of life and functionality. Aiming to educate and help his patients reach their maximum state of health.

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