Fatal Car Accident Involving Landscaping Truck

On March 7, an 18-year-old high school student in Prince George’s County, MD was killed and another student was injured in a car accident with a landscaping truck. According to police, the students were speeding to to pass the landscaping truck and clipped the back of the trailer.

Gian Morel, who attends the same high school as the two students involved in the crash, said that the scene traumatized everyone.

How to Cope with Back Pain After a Car Accident

Many people experience back pain after a car accident. Back pain can limit mobility and make it difficult to perform simple tasks. If you have suffered back pain after an accident, you should address it as soon as possible.

Here are a few tips to deal with back pain after an accident.

Get Proper Rest

A back injury can be traumatic on your body, so it is best to take it easy for now. Depending on how physical your job is, you may need to take some time off of work. You may also have to avoid strenuous activities, like heavy lifting, until you recover. Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Apply Ice

When you first sustain a back injury, your doctor may advise you to use ice therapy first. Ice can reduce swelling and help you feel more comfortable. If you do not want to apply ice directly to your skin, you should try wrapping it in a towel first.

Apply Heat

Your Rockville MD back pain doctor may suggest applying heat to your back later in your recovery. It can relieve muscle soreness by boosting blood flow to the area. Try applying a heating pad to the area for 15 minutes at a time. If you do not have a heating pad, you can take a hot bath.

Try Low-Impact Exercise

Although you need to take it easy after sustaining a back injury, you do not want to spend all day lying on the couch. If you don’t move it at all, it can increase stiffness and prolong the recovery process. Begin with light activities, such as taking a short walk. Once you build up your strength, you can walk for a longer period of time. After you finish your exercises, you may actually feel better.

Consider Seeing a Chiropractor

Instead of taking pain medication or considering surgery, you may want to think about seeing a chiropractor for your back pain. The professionals at AmeriWell Clinics can help you treat the root cause of your back pain instead of just managing your symptoms. After diagnosing your injury, your chiropractor may decide on the appropriate treatment, such as spinal adjustments. These adjustments can help realign your spine, ultimately relieving your back pain.

If you have back pain after a car crash, you may want to make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.