Chiropractic is an unconventional method of medicine and treatment that primarily deals with stimulation and readjustment of the musculoskeletal system of our body.  Owing its roots to folk medicine, it has slowly evolved into an alternative school of healthcare.

The world is plagued by numerous health concerns, but few of them bear as much disastrous implications as obesity does. It has been identified as one of the most prominent issues leading up to a myriad of health complications including but not limited to cardiovascular distress, bone weakening and respiratory troubles.

Obesity in Technical Terms

The general consensus is that a person is ‘obese’ if he has put on a lot of weight. The term is also used interchangeably with the term ‘overweight’. But obesity actually has specific definitions. A person is considered obese when his BMI (Body Mass Index) surpasses 30%. While he would be considered overweight if his BMI is 27.3% (for women) and 27.8% (for men).

Obesity and Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropractic is not intended to directly contribute to weight loss. However, its overall relation to alleviating obesity complications cannot be discounted.

Nerves from the spinal column pathways carry impulses all over our body. They provide a connection of brain to the rest of the human body. If this area is adversely affected it can induce hunger and eating cues along with many other complications. Subluxations of the spine can diminish range of motion, in turn reduces physical activity. 

In general, the area of expertise of a chiropractor is to address muscle and bone issues. Since excessive body fat puts a lot of pressure on the skeletal structure of an individual, it usually leads to muscle and bone misalignment, pain or even injury. Chiropractors treat patients with these problems, such as chronic and acute back pain, or muscle abnormalities.

As a person loses weight his body gets ready to address the changes. Chiropractic may pave the way to achieve that in a more comforting fashion.

Links Concerned with Diet

Some chiropractors tend to have specialized training in health and fitness, which could potentially include weight loss and dietetics.  They can help one become one more sound through comprehensive efforts involving chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

In today’s day an age we are always overridden with stress and anxiety. Stress eating can be a major factor that may lead up to obesity and overall deterioration of fitness. Chiropractic in Mesa, AZ may aide us in an achieving psychological comfort and tranquility which may indirectly help us keep our unhealthy eating practice at bay.


Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and obesity.