If you have been experiencing neck or back pain, you may consider seeing a chiropractor Laurel, MD residents trust. If you have never received a chiropractic adjustment before, you might feel a little nervous. Fortunately, if you properly prepare for your first session, things may go a lot smoother. Here are a few tips to prepare for your first appointment.

  • Wear the proper clothes. When selecting your clothes for your chiropractic appointment, think of comfort. After all, you will be lying down on a table while the chiropractor performs an adjustment. If your clothes are too tight, it will be more difficult to perform the adjustment. To make things easier on everyone, put on a loose fitting shirt and pants for your appointment.
  • Arrive early. Like with other medical appointments, you will have to fill out paperwork before your first chiropractic appointment. Therefore, it is a good idea to arrive at your appointment a few minutes early. Then, you will have plenty of time to fill out all the paperwork and have a moment to relax before your session. The last thing you want to do is rush to make your first chiropractic session. 
  • Be prepared to explain your pain in detail. When you see a Laurel chiropractor, it is important to clearly articulate your pain because not all pain is the same. For instance, if you are dealing with back pain, is the pain more dull or sharp? Do you tend to feel pain more frequently at certain times of the day? The more information a chiropractor knows about your pain, the better he or she can help you.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. During your first chiropractic appointment, your chiropractor may create a treatment plan for your condition and throw a lot of information your way. If something is not clear, do not be afraid to ask questions. For example, if you do not understand a certain exercise your chiropractor wants you to perform outside your sessions ask for clarification.
  • Do not be afraid of cracking and popping sounds. When you first hear cracking and popping sounds during your first chiropractic adjustment, you may be alarmed. You may even worry that the adjustment is harming you. However, be rest assured that these sounds are perfectly normal. Nitrogen oxide actually produces these sounds during adjustments and is nothing to worry about.
  • Be ready to be honest with your chiropractor. During your first appointment, expect your chiropractor to ask you several questions about your condition. In order for your chiropractor to help you to the best of his or her ability, you should be completely honest. For example, if your chiropractor asks you about your posture, do not be afraid to admit that you slouch sometimes. A Laurel chiropractor has likely heard it all before and won’t judge you.