Itamar Simhon, FNP-C, ONC
Medical Director

Itamar Simhon, FNP-C, ONC, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Orthopedic Nurse Certified practitioner who is joining AmeriWell as the Medical Director in 2024. With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Itamar is dedicated to optimizing health and wellness for our patients.

Itamar’s journey in healthcare began when he earned his Bachelor’s in Nursing from the esteemed University of Maryland in 2008. He started his career in the Intensive Care Unit at Suburban Johns Hopkins Hospital, where his passion for patient care and holistic well-being took root.

In 2012, Itamar’s unwavering commitment to excellence led him to become the Clinical Nurse Manager of an advanced wound care clinic at Washington Adventist Hospital. His exceptional leadership resulted in the clinic earning the prestigious “Center of Excellence” award for outstanding patient wound care and healing rates, as well as patient satisfaction.

Recognizing the importance of continuous education and specialization, Itamar pursued and earned his Master’s degree in Nursing from Simmons University in 2014, specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. He further honed his skills by becoming board-certified as an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner.

At AmeriWell, Itamar Simhon embodies our patient-centric approach to healthcare. His compassionate and approachable demeanor, coupled with his extensive medical knowledge, makes him a trusted healthcare provider committed to your well-being.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Itamar cherishes quality time with his loving wife and three wonderful children. An avid adventurer, he thrives on outdoor activities like hiking, rock-climbing, and surfing.

We’re thrilled to have Itamar Simhon as our Medical Director at AmeriWell, where our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized healthcare services.

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