Manipulation of the Spine in Laurel, Maryland

Manipulation of the Spine in Laurel, Maryland

After a chiropractor performs a manipulation of the spine in Laurel, Maryland at AmeriWell Clinics, patients often experience some degree of immediate symptom relief. The human body is interconnected, and when one system is not in proper working order, it can have adverse consequences on nearby areas. Because the spine is one of the vital components of our central nervous system, it is imperative that vertebrae are in alignment.

As a chiropractor Laurel, MD residents trust may tell you during a consultation, if your spine is misaligned due to injury or illness, it can lead to other problems such as headaches, joint pain, tension, discomfort, restricted mobility, lack of quality of life, and more. Contact us today about scheduling an appointment at your next earliest convenience. While most people know that chiropractics can treat ailments of the neck, back, shoulders, and joints, there are other benefits to consider as well:

Boost of Immunity
When an immune system is healthy, it can more readily fight off bacteria and viruses that we may come into contact with. And because the nervous system is in control of cells, tissues, organs, and messages throughout the body, a misalignment can hinder the function of the immune system. Through MD manipulation of the spine in Laurel, patients can benefit from a more optimally functioning immune system. You may find that you catch those seasonal bugs less often than you had before you began receiving routine chiropractic treatments.

Improve Digestion
The spinal nerves also manage the stomach and how it functions. If the spinal vertebrae responsible for the stomach is misaligned, the nerves may give false signals such as the need to produce more acid, causing acid reflux, heartburn, and gas. Dealing with daily stomach aches and poor digestion can interfere with our day and make it harder for us to enjoy hobbies and activities. A manipulation of the spine in Laurel at AmeriWell Clinics can improve digestion through encouraging the thoracic spinal nerves to work properly.

Increase in Energy Level
When tension of the spine is reduced, nerves are more free to work effectively. And while we may blame our body aches on work or other reasons, sometimes fatigue is a sign that our spinal health could be better. A Laurel, MD manipulation of the spine encourages the body to heal itself, and gives us more energy since we will no longer be feeling run down by the added pressure on our bodies.

AmeriWell Clinics Offers Free Consultations
If you are new to chiropractic care, we can understand that you may have questions. Rest assured that our team is dedicated in making you comfortable and answering any inquiries you have. If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, call us today to hear more about Laurel, Maryland manipulation of the spine treatments at AmeriWell Clinics!