Myths About Chiropractic Care 

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or even headaches, you may have considered seeing a chiropractor. With over 70,000 chiropractors in America, it wouldn’t be a shock if you have thought about seeing one. While this may be the case, you may be among the many who are on the fence about it and have some questions. 

There are plenty of myths floating around about chiropractors and it can make knowing what is true and what isn’t difficult. Learning the facts can make you feel more comfortable about chiropractic care, even if you believe some of the myths. We’ve put together some of the most common ones for you to look at. 

Myth #1: After your first visit, you’re stuck going for life 

This myth most likely started because people often visit chiropractors for routine care. Routine care can look vastly different for each patient, though. Your recommended treatment will vary depending on why you came to the chiropractor in the first place. 

If you are suffering from an injury, then you will receive a plan with a specific number of adjustments to expect. Once you are healed, you may not need further treatment, and thus you won’t have to keep going. If your problem is chronic, your plan may be lengthy. However, you determine how often you visit a chiropractor. 

Myth #2: Chiropractors are not real doctors 

While this myth has greatly diminished in recent years, there are still many who believe that chiropractors are not actual doctors. They question the training and the qualifications that all chiropractors have. There are many who are worried that an uneducated and semi-trained individual will be pulling on their spines and joints. You can rest assured that this simply is not the case. 

All chiropractors must pass a board exam and earn their license just like other doctors. They also must keep learning and training to keep their license updated. 

Myth #3: Adjustments hurt

This is a common myth, and the truth is that adjustments can be uncomfortable but they should never be painful. Many are startled by the popping and cracking sounds that often occur during an adjustment. These sounds are caused by air and gas moving through the fluid in your joints as your joints are manipulated. Think of it like when you crack your knuckles. 

There can be some discomfort. However, it should not be painful. You may feel sore after your adjustment but if you are in pain, do not hesitate to tell your chiropractor. The most common thing that people say is the discomfort only lasts for a moment before there is this relief and release. First-time patients are typically shocked by the feeling that follows a chiropractic adjustment. 

Seeking out a chiropractor can be intimidating. If you have any more questions or concerns about what a Laurel chiropractor can do, then don’t hesitate to reach out to one like our friends at Ameriwell Clinics for more information today.