Neck Pain Doctor Falls Church, Virginia

You may wonder why you’d need to visit a neck pain doctor in Falls Church, VA, such as those of us at AmeriWell Clinics. You may believe that the kinks in your neck are from a poor sleeping position. You may believe that the pain in your neck is minor and certainly not a cause to see a doctor. However, neck pains can be signs of serious medical conditions. In some instances, your neck aches can be symptoms of a medical emergency. 

When Should You See A Neck Doctor?

You should strongly consider scheduling an appointment with a reputable orthopedist if you meet certain conditions. For example, you should see a neck pain specialist if the aches in your neck are persistent. Ideally, if the pain is solely from sleeping poorly or carrying heavy items, it should go away within a couple of hours. However, if the soreness and pain lasts for days or weeks, there is likely a matter for concern.

If the neck pain spreads to your other limbs, such as your hands and feet, you should schedule a visit at your earliest convenience. If your equilibrium (i.e., balance) feels distorted, your feel dizzy, you feel lightheaded, or your vision gets blurry please do not delay in visiting a specialist. Your health is likely declining, and the earliest resolution is to first runs tests and get answers. 

You should also visit an orthopedist if you’ve been injured in an accident. Accidents that can cause significant neck pains include:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Boxing accidents
  • Martial arts accidents
  • Sport accidents
  • Falls

Can An Orthopedic Visit Help Me In Other Ways?

Another crucial benefit to seeing an orthopedist in Falls Church, VA, such as those at AmeriWell Clinics is if you’re seeking compensatory damages against someone in a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll need to show proof of medical expenses, diagnoses, and harm to be successful in a personal injury suit. Thus, if someone’s negligent or intentional behavior left you with neck pain, it’s in your best interest to stop by our office. We will examine you, and our neck pain experts can prove the link between the incident and your neck aches. 

If your neck pain is so severe that you can’t go to work, it’s beneficial to speak to a doctor. A neck doctor can explain why you’re having these pains, how to reduce, prevent, or remedy them, and write you a prescription if necessary. Do not worry. You won’t have to live with this pain forever.