Trigger Points Injection Doctor Rockville, MD

Understanding Trigger Point Injections

If you have been experiencing pain in your neck, shoulder, arms, legs, or lower back, our Rockville, MD trigger point injections doctor may be able to help you. Myofascial trigger point injection is a specific type of therapy that can help relieve pain and improve muscle function for those experiencing myofascial pain. This procedure is administered through carefully measured and timed injections that seek to relieve patients of pain at its source. To further discuss your health and if trigger point injections are right for you, contact AmeriWell Clinics today to speak with a specialist and schedule an appointment.

How Trigger Point Injections Can Help You

Trigger point injections are used to treat a specific type of pain known as myofascial pain. Fascia is a thin connective tissue that surrounds every organ and muscle in your body. This pain is often caused by ‘knots’ in your muscles, otherwise known as trigger points. These knots can lead to tension, stress, soreness, and pain in various muscles across your body. Common muscles that experience this type of pain can be found in your jaw, head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips, though any muscle can experience myofascial pain.

Trigger point injections are often used in tandem with practices such as physical therapy and stretching exercises in order to help alleviate pain and improve the functionality of these exercises. Our Rockville trigger point injections doctor will discuss your pain with you and perform an exam to determine if trigger point injections are the right form of treatment for you.

The Trigger Point Injections Procedure

The procedure for trigger point injections is relatively straightforward. Our Rockville trigger point injections doctor will first clean your skin on and around the treatment area. They will then mark the trigger point or trigger points and pinch the point in order to stabilize the tissue. A thin needle will be repeatedly inserted and retracted from the trigger point until the muscle is relaxed. While this may be slightly uncomfortable and painful due to the nature of trigger points being sources of pain, our trigger point injections doctor will work to make the process as painless and comfortable for you as possible. Finally, they will inject a local anesthetic to the treatment area, and the procedure is finished. Avoid using the treated muscle in any strenuous activity over the next few days.

Our Professional Service

Our team understands the impacts that muscular pain can have on many facets of your life. We work hard to understand, diagnose, and treat patient’s pain in a timely and effective manner, providing every patient with compassionate and dedicated service throughout. If you are experiencing muscular pain such as knots in your muscles, myofascial trigger point injections may be the right treatment plan for you. Receiving treatment as soon as possible is crucial for ensuring that pain does not worsen and so that you can help get your life back on track. To discuss your pain and the best path forward for your treatment, contact our team at AmeriWell Clinics today to schedule an appointment.