Serious Louisa County Crash

On Feb 25, a car accident in Louisa, VA killed one teenager and injured four others. According to police, a 2006 Pontiac Torrent was traveling southbound on Bibb Store Road and went over a hill very fast, running off the road and hitting two trees and catching on fire.

One of the teens died at the scene while another one was airlifted to a nearby hospital to be treated for serious injuries. The other teens were also taken to a nearby hospital for non-threatening injuries. The driver received two summons for reckless driving and driving outside of passenger restrictions.

How to Prepare for Your First Sessions with a Chiropractor

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries people sustain in a car accident. If you recently suffered a back injury in a crash, you may benefit from seeing a Falls Church, VA back pain chiropractor. Here are some tips for preparing for your first session. 

  • Dress in comfortable clothes. When it comes to getting dressed for your appointment with a chiropractor, think of comfort, not style. You definitely do not want to show up in tight jeans and a form-fitting shirt. The chiropractor may perform an adjustment, so wear loose-fitting athletic clothes and tennis shoes.
  • Eat a light meal. You do not want to show up to your chiropractic session hungry. Eat a light meal that is high in protein so that you avoid feeling light-headed. For instance, you may want to eat plain Greek yogurt or a hard boiled egg.
  • Get there early. During your first session with a chiropractor, you will have to complete some paperwork, including new patient forms and insurance forms. That is why you should try to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment. 
  • Do not be afraid of getting a chiropractic adjustment. Many people are nervous about getting their first chiropractic adjustment. They assume that it will hurt or that they will suffer harm. However, be rest assured that chiropractic adjustments at AmeriWell Clinics are very safe and are not painful. The cracking and popping sounds are normal.
  • Be specific about your pain. When you see a chiropractor about your back pain, you should be as specific as possible. Describe where you feel the pain and if it feels sharp or dull. If you experience more pain in the morning, you should let your chiropractor know. The more your chiropractor knows about your condition, the more he or she can help you.
  • Ask questions. During your first appointment with a chiropractor, do not be afraid to ask questions. For example, you may want to find out how many chiropractic adjustments you will require and if you can make any lifestyle changes to alleviate your back pain.

If you have sustained back pain after a vehicle collision, you may want to make an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as possible.

1 teen dead, 4 others severely injured in Louisa County crash (