After being in an accident, you have many decisions to make. Once the accident occurs, depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have been sent to the Emergency Department, or you may have been sent to your primary care physician for follow-up. At the conclusion of any initial emergency treatment, you often find out that many different types of specialties are needed during the healing and recovery process post-accident. This can mean frequent appointments, extended amounts of time spent both in-office and in-transit, and a great deal of travel. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal to have many, if not all, of those specialties under one roof? If this sounds appealing, an Integrated or Multidisciplinary clinic may be what you’re looking for!

What is an Integrated or Multidisciplinary Clinic?
The Discovery Medical Center describes an Integrated clinic as, one with multiple providers, often with different disciplines.  It may be comprised of a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist and/or any combination of these.  Typically, these clinics offer a variety of services to help the patient recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Having multiple providers allows for the patient to streamline their care by enabling the patient to be evaluated by multiple specialties at the same location.  The patient may see a medical provider, chiropractor and physical therapist all on the same visit, and get different services and procedures on the same day.  This can make the process easier to get treatments that compliment each other in a timely manner.  

Having the option to obtain medical services, physical therapy and chiropractic care simultaneously, can dramatically speed up your treatment timeline, while reducing your time and cost associated with appointments.
In today’s world, that can make a huge impact on a patient’s barriers to treatment.  Due to how imperative it is that patients are able to receive all their treatment and follow the schedule set forth by the providers, this is possibly a make-or-break type solution.  

Benefits of an Integrated or Multidisciplinary Clinic
By having all treatment occur at one location, it can make it easier for your insurance company and/or attorney to deal with – which can potentially make it easier for a settlement to be reached.  In the end, an Integrated office can offer most, if not all, treatment under one roof – thereby making it easier on everyone involved.