Fewer medical providers are more mysterious than chiropractors. Unless you’ve ever been to an appointment, you may not know much about what goes on at one.

There are a lot of myths surrounding chiropractors that may make people hesitant to give them a try. Once you understand a bit more about these providers, you may want to make an appointment with a Silver Spring MD chiropractor and see if they can help you with the pain you are experiencing.

  • Chiropractors Attend Special Training

A Silver Spring, MD chiropractor may not attend traditional medical schools, but they are required to receive extensive training of their own. Once a candidate graduates with a four-year degree in a science or medical-related field. A curriculum rich in physics, chemistry, or biology classes is the preferred route.

After obtaining a bachelor of science degree, an interested student must apply to chiropractic training school. Admission into these specialty centers is competitive as there are only 14 accredited training sites in the country. After successful completion of chiropractic training, which typically takes about four years, the degree of doctorate in chiropractic medicine is bestowed on graduates. After this, a newly minted D.C. must pass the national board exam and then a licensing exam in their home state before they can start practicing.

  • Many Chiropractic Services Are Covered by Insurance

A common misconception is that health insurance doesn’t cover the services of a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD. Most insurance plans, including government-funded Medicare and Medicaid, give policyholders the right to attend a chiropractor for care. In some instances, a referral from a physician is not even needed, and an individual can begin seeing a chiropractor whenever their health warrants it.

  • Chiropractors Provide a Valuable Service

Silver Spring, MD chiropractors provide more than give massage. Their specialty is something called spinal adjustment. This process involves a careful and guided manipulation of the spine from its start at the neck (cervical spine) to its terminus at the tailbone (coccyx). When the back is out of alignment, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the body. Pain signals that travel along the spinal cord can get misinterpreted by the brain, making it believe other parts of the body are in distress, when in fact, it is just the spine needing an adjustment to straighten out the neural pathway.

If you feel like trying the services of a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD families trust, make an appointment at AmeriWell Clinics.