Chiropractor Silver Spring, MD

Chiropractor Silver Spring, MD

Common Myths of Chiropractic Care Demystified

Chiropractor Silver Spring, MDAfter an injury, you may want to seek help from a Silver Spring, Maryland chiropractor. Following an accident, you will turn your attention to receiving the care that you need while also determining whether you should take legal action against the negligent party. Obtaining treatment for injuries is key for several reasons. While you will want to be sure that you receive an optimal recovery, it will also be vital that you build your injury claim should you determine that it’s in your best interest to recover damages. Chiropractic care may be the most appropriate form of treatment for injuries following an accident. However, for those who have never received this form of treatment, it’s important to demystify some of the many myths out there regarding chiropractic care:

Myth #1 Chiropractic Care is Dangerous

Many have the misconception that receiving care from a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor is dangerous. This is far from the truth. It’s important to note that you will want to make sure you obtain treatments from a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, with the necessary experience and qualifications to provide you with treatment. Care from a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD residents rely on from AmeriWell Clinics, is far safer than receiving invasive procedures such as surgery. Additionally, in some cases, you may have the ability to avoid the use of prescription medications to manage pain.

Myth #2 I Can’t Afford a Chiropractor

It’s essential to be aware that chiropractic care is not as costly as other forms of treatment. Care from a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD can be far less expensive than expensive surgical procedures and time away from work to recover. You will want to speak with a chiropractor to discuss payment options; many chiropractors accept insurance to aid in the cost.

Myth #3 I Will Have to Endure Care for the Long Term

We’ve all heard this one. Once you start receiving treatment from a chiropractor, the frequency will only increase, and the length of time will be indefinite. Your Silver Spring, MD chiropractor, will work closely with you to determine the period you will require treatment based upon your response to treatments. Some may even have the ability to receive adjustments for acute issues.

Myth #4 Chiropractic Care is Painful

When you are experiencing pain, the last thing that any person wants to experience is more pain. However, chiropractic care is not usually painful. A chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, will carefully assess your injuries and identify the source of pain before administering any care. Once adjustments are administered, patients often experience tremendous relief.

Chiropractor Infographic

Common Myths of Chiropractic Care Demystified InfographicPrimary Chiropractic Services Offered

The AmeriWell chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD employs a variety of healing modalities to help free you of your aches and pains.  Since every patient has different needs, we have a variety of methods, all to support the correct alignment of your spine and joints. Knowing some of our main practices will help you better when discussing therapies with our staff of physicians.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our doctors use the latest chiropractic techniques to treat your pain naturally. Through a series of carefully controlled manipulations, the chiropractor helps restore proper alignment. The chiropractor will instruct you to hold a position and then use short, gentle manipulations to help align the affected joints. These include the spinal joints as well as extremities. These adjustments help relieve pain and stress in your body. We have a variety of manual techniques and even some small tools we may use to apply help improve your range of motion. These techniques often immediately reduce the symptoms and pain and injuries. The core of chiropractic care is to restore proper function to your joints. A healthy joint improves the function of your nervous system. It can also mean better strength and muscle function. When combined with our other natural therapies, chiropractic treatments are even more effective and help your body stay in healthy alignment.

Disc Decompression

Disc decompression is what most people think of when picturing a chiropractic adjustment. When you come for a visit to your chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, you will almost certainly have the physician adjust some of the individual spinal joints in your back.  Discs of cartilage separate each of the bony vertebrae in your back. These act as cushions for absorbing shocks and, when healthy, allow mobility. If they are pinched, then the range of motion in that part of your back will reduce. This compression leads to inflammation and can even lower the efficiency of your nervous system. Also called a subluxation, this often reduces nerve communication through that part of your body. Our doctors at Ameriwell use specialized motions to decompress your discs and allow proper nerve signals. A series of these manipulations over time can allow your body to maintain its form and function.

Flexion Distraction

A state-of-the-art table is one of the most important tools at our chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD. Flexion-distraction tables look similar to a standard massage table but can flex and even shift to the side while your doctor adjusts your joints. This motion allows you to receive traction relief in a way that does not bear weight on your joint. This helps the physician ease your pain with almost no impact.

Answering Common Questions About Chiropractic Treatment

A doctor of chiropractic is usually seen as someone who treats neck and back pain through physical manipulations. They do not use surgery or medications. While the back and neck are often why people go to a chiropractor, there are several other reasons to schedule a visit.

Chiropractic therapy can help resolve chronic headaches, fatigue, and stress. With routine care, you might also find stronger immune system responses and better mental health and clarity. Before you schedule your first appointment, feel free to speak with our staff over the phone if you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed before arriving. Some of the most common questions that our staff answers are as follows:

Should I Speak with My Insurance Company About Coverage Before My Visit?

Chiropractors are technically specialists, but they may be considered primary care physicians by some because they are typically the first medical professionals a patient sees when experiencing back pain or other musculoskeletal conditions. Because of the PCP status of a doctor of chiropractic, you typically do not need to receive a referral from a physician or insurance company before seeking treatment. However, some insurers will specify the need for such referrals, so it is always best to check with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment. If your insurance does not cover chiropractic visits, you will still need to pay out of pocket.

Should You Visit a Chiropractor?

While choosing to visit a chiropractor is a personal decision, the benefits typically outweigh the negatives. Chiropractic care may function as complimentary care or as an excellent alternative to prescription medications, surgery, physical therapy, and other interventions. Doctors of chiropractic are medical professionals, and the patient’s health will always come before ego and profit.

Is Chiropractic Therapy Safe?

When compared to alternative treatment plans and options, like surgery or potentially addictive pain medications, chiropractic care is a considerably safer option. However, all medical treatments come with risks. It would be best if you talked about any fears or potential risks with our chiropractic professional team if you have concerns. If you have been seeing your primary care physician about the same condition, be sure to include them in the conversation.

While a chiropractor can address many conditions on their own, it is always beneficial to include the professional assessments and opinions of your extended care team in their decisions. A doctor of chiropractic is only one member of your medical team.

Are you considering chiropractic therapy? Have you been receiving medical care for a chronic pain condition and are seeking a less invasive treatment plan? If so, reach out to our local chiropractic team and ask for a consultation. During this initial sit-down, we will go through patient history, symptoms, diagnosis, answer your questions, and discuss possible treatment options.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?

Silver Spring, MD chiropractors offer a specialized service to help keep the body in alignment. When your spinal column is not in the proper placement, it can mean pain in other areas of the body. Since the spinal column also serves as the main pathway for nerve impulses to travel to and from the brain, it isn’t hard to understand why. Spinal manipulation or adjustment is the number one service Silver Spring, Maryland chiropractors offer patients. Is this practice safe? Find the answer to this, and a few of the primary benefits chiropractic care offers below.

The Safety of Spinal Adjustment

The primary concern of those who have never experienced a chiropractic adjustment before is how it can be safe. The practitioner applies pressure and cracks the back, but how can this be a safe practice? A Silver Spring, MD chiropractor goes through extensive training on the musculoskeletal system and keeps it functioning correctly. Aside from the back, they also perform manipulations in other parts of the body, such as the hips, shoulders, and other joints. There may be discomfort associated with adjustments in the hours or days after treatment. These include things like:

      • Headaches
      • Pain and discomfort in the adjusted area
      • Extreme fatigue right after adjustment

The most severe side effects are infrequent and typically only occur in people with pre-existing conditions such as herniated discs, stroke, and pinched nerves.

The Benefits of Seeing a Silver Spring, MD Chiropractor

While the risks are few, the benefits to the body may be numerous. While not everyone has the same positive reaction to adjustment, there is a tendency for many patients to get temporary relief. Spinal alignment and a realignment of the spine can take the pressure off surrounding muscles and nerves. This can clear up chronic pain in these areas. It is one method of treating painful conditions without the use of prescription medication that can often leave one groggy.

A chiropractor serving Silver Spring, MD can help you to obtain a properly aligned spine and increased oxygen flow throughout the back and body. This fresh blood helps those areas of the body that need repair by bringing fresh nutrients to areas that were cut off. It also helps revive spots where the scar tissue was forming.

Many conditions benefit from spinal adjustment. While there are risks associated with this procedure, nothing in medicine is risk-free. Therefore, if your physician recommends making an appointment with a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor, you should proceed with doing so. Aside from taking potent prescription drugs for pain management, a chiropractic adjustment may be the only thing that leads to any relief.

Seeking Care From a Silver Spring, MD Chiropractor Following an Accident

Following an accident, you must access medical care for the injuries you have received. Considering care from a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD should maintain at the top of your list to help treat your injuries. Chiropractic care can assist accident victims in receiving the recovery they deserve. Obtaining the treatment that you need as soon as possible can help you to manage pain and treat your injuries as quickly as possible. 

Give yourself every opportunity when recovering from injuries and taking action for the damages you have suffered. Seeking care from a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD can help by treating injuries and produce documentation that can assist in linking the injuries you have experienced, to the accident. For more information, contact a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, from AmeriWell Clinics as soon as possible.

3 Facts About Chiropractors

Fewer medical providers are more mysterious than chiropractors. Unless you’ve ever been to an appointment, you may not know much about what goes on at one.

There are a lot of myths surrounding chiropractors that may make people hesitant to give them a try. Once you understand a bit more about these providers, you may want to make an appointment with a Silver Spring MD chiropractor and see if they can help you with the pain you are experiencing.

      • Chiropractors Attend Special Training

A Silver Spring, MD chiropractor may not attend traditional medical schools, but they are required to receive extensive training of their own. Once a candidate graduates with a four-year degree in a science or medical-related field. A curriculum rich in physics, chemistry, or biology classes is the preferred route. 

After obtaining a bachelor of science degree, an interested student must apply to chiropractic training school. Admission into these specialty centers is competitive as there are only 14 accredited training sites in the country. After successful completion of chiropractic training, which typically takes about four years, the degree of doctorate in chiropractic medicine is bestowed on graduates. After this, a newly minted D.C. must pass the national board exam and then a licensing exam in their home state before they can start practicing.

      • Many Chiropractic Services Are Covered by Insurance

A common misconception is that health insurance doesn’t cover the services of a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD. Most insurance plans, including government-funded Medicare and Medicaid, give policyholders the right to attend a chiropractor for care. In some instances, a referral from a physician is not even needed, and an individual can begin seeing a chiropractor whenever their health warrants it.

      • Chiropractors Provide a Valuable Service

Silver Spring, MD chiropractors provide more than give massage. Their specialty is something called spinal adjustment. This process involves a careful and guided manipulation of the spine from its start at the neck (cervical spine) to its terminus at the tailbone (coccyx). When the back is out of alignment, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the body. Pain signals that travel along the spinal cord can get misinterpreted by the brain, making it believe other parts of the body are in distress, when in fact, it is just the spine needing an adjustment to straighten out the neural pathway.

If you feel like trying the services of a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD families trust, make an appointment at AmeriWell Clinics. 

3 Facts About Chiropractors Infographic

3 Facts About Chiropractors

What Issues Can a Chiropractor Treat?

If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health, you may have thought about seeing a local chiropractor. At the same time, some people might not know exactly what questions and concerns the chiropractor can address. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, such as a chiropractor with Ameriwell, what are a few examples of problems a chiropractor might be able to treat?

Back Pain

Without a doubt, one of the most common issues that a chiropractor can treat is back pain. Back to comfort is one of the most common reasons why people seek the care of a healthcare professional. Back pain can stem from a wide variety of issues. Some people may have a paraspinal muscle strain. Other people may have a herniated disc. A chiropractor can figure out where this pain is coming from and develop a treatment plan to address it. 

Neck Pain

A chiropractor can also help people treat neck pain. Even though there are a lot of reasons why someone may have neck pain, one of the most common concerns is whiplash. This takes place when the neck moves from side to side quickly. A sprain of the cervical ligaments can lead to neck pain, but it is only one of the numerous causes. Some people may have a pinched nerve that a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD can treat. 


There are lots of people who see a chiropractor for help with headaches, and there are numerous types of headaches. Some of the most common examples include tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. A chiropractor can figure out where the headache is originating. Then, he or she can develop a treatment plan to address the root cause of those headaches. This can help people treat headaches and prevent them from coming back. 

See a Chiropractor

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many issues that a local chiropractor might be able to address. A chiropractor has a tremendous amount of training that he or she can use to address a wide variety of concerns. Furthermore, a chiropractor will use this training to get to the bottom of your injuries and illnesses, tailoring your treatment plan to meet your specific concerns. If you want to put yourself in the best position possible to recover, make sure you see a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, such as a chiropractor from Ameriwell, who can assist you. 

What Types of Pain Could a Chiropractor Treat

The goal of chiropractic care is to relieve pain and align your body to improve function. Chiropractors do not perform surgery or prescribe medications, but do perform manual manipulations and adjustments that get the spine in alignment. When everything is aligned, healing is often more successful. If you’re wondering whether chiropractic care might be for you, the following are some types of pain that are typically treated.


Whether you have a tension headache or suffer from regular migraines, there could be an alignment issue you’re not aware of. Your posture can play a role in these headaches, and if your spine doesn’t align correctly, you can’t have good posture. Some headaches, particularly migraines, are also known to be caused by stress and certain foods, and your chiropractor might be able to help you understand how to have a healthier lifestyle to avoid this.

Neck Pain

Sometimes neck pain occurs because of a specific injury, and other times it’s been ongoing for an unknown reason. In any case, you don’t have to suffer through it. Chiropractic manipulations are a popular solution for neck pain, even after the patient has undergone surgery or other medical treatments in the past. Neck pain is also commonly associated with whiplash, and chiropractic care is safe for that situation as well.

Back Pain

The lower back is one of the most targeted areas when someone goes to the chiropractor. The lower back takes the brunt of the pressure when someone sits at a desk all day, falls and gets injured, gives birth to a baby, and in a variety of other situations. Chiropractic adjustments could be the answer regardless of the reason you’re experiencing pain in your back.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is interesting when it comes to chiropractic care. While your chiropractor can work specifically on the knee, sometimes adjustments in the back help the entire body come into alignment, which straightens things out with the knees. Either way, chiropractic treatment often improves pain in the knee better than targeted exercises.

Shoulder Pain

Sometimes the shoulder hurts because of a previous injury, and other times it hurts because of age. If you have pain or frozen shoulder syndrome, chiropractic care can help to get your shoulder moving again without pain.

Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Spinal Care


Do avoid sitting for long periods of time; take lots of breaks to stand and stretch backwards to counteract the curve of your lower back — your chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, acn give you some exercises to use 

Do sit back in your chair to give your back the support it needs

Do keep your feet flat on the floor

Don’t lean forward with your back arched

Don’t sit in a chair that’s too big, too low or too high

Don’t slouch in your chair


Do shift your weight from time to time and, if possible, rest one foot on a stool to relieve strain in your lower back

Do keep your head in a neutral position on your neck, looking straight ahead — if you’re not sure what a neutral position feels like, your Ameriwell chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, can help

Do stand squarely if you can’t use a low stool, with your weight distributed evenly on both feet

Don’t stay in one place too long

Don’t bend forward with your legs straight 

Don’t wear high heels, as they put stress on your back


Do elevate the headrest until it’s right behind your head — this can help prevent major injuries in case of a car accident

Do sit up straight with your back against the seat — if your seat doesn’t have enough lumbar support, ask your chiropractor what you should do to get lumbar support

Do keep both hands on the steering wheel

Don’t sit so far back that you have to reach for the steering wheel or pedals


Do squat down to life, making sure to keep your back straight

Do hold the object close to your body

Do lift with your legs, keeping your back straight, moving slowly and carefully

Don’t try to lift with your arms outstretched

Don’t try to lift something that’s too heavy or awkward

Don’t bend over to pick something up — your Ameriwell chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD may tell you all the ways this can injure your back


Do sleep curled up on your side with a pillow between your knees to relieve any pressure on your lower back — your chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD can make appropriate pillow suggestions both for your head and between your knees

Do put a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back

Do get out of bed by rolling onto your side, then sitting up sideways 

Don’t sleep on a mattress that’s too soft, as it will offer little back support

Don’t sleep on your stomach — is strains your lower back

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor?

It is not uncommon for a person to compare physical therapy to treatments from a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor. While both medical fields are beneficial in that they help patients to reduce pain, improve specific medical issues, and make their overall life better, there are significant differences. Many patients elect to see both a Silver Spring, Maryland chiropractor from AmeriWell Clinics, and a physical therapist at the same time. 

A chiropractor does much more than adjust the neck and back—the benefits of seeing a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor extend well beyond the relief of an adjustment.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Pain is Alleviated

Up to 50 percent of adults will have back pain at one point or another. For many people, their back pain is ongoing. When the pain is chronic, standing, walking, sitting, or engaging in activities might be difficult. Some people might be in so much pain that they start to rely on painkillers. When this is occurring for an extended period, the risk of developing a dependency on medication is very high. Addiction is a whole new condition that can exacerbate underlying issues and escalate the situation as a whole. A Silver Spring, MD chiropractor does not prescribe medications, most prefer to treat the condition as naturally as possible. Best of all, it is possible to reduce or alleviate the pain without any medication whatsoever. 

The Source of the Condition is Targeted

The reason for this is that the nerves of the nervous system run through the spine. When the spine is misaligned, the nervous system can be hindered. The nervous system has many duties, including controlling the bodies’ breathing and movement. When there is a hindrance, the areas that are controlled by the nervous system might also become impaired.

Silver Spring Chiropractor Statistics

According to the CDC, in 2019 over 58.9% of adults suffered from some sort of neck, hip, or back pain. Chiropractic treatment is not able to cure every medical condition; however, it can address a relatively broad range of ailments, especially those associated with the back, neck, and nervous system which reports show most American suffer from. If you are experiencing pain, contact a chiropractor.

Give Your Chiropractor a Call

As you can see, chiropractic care is often a solution for a variety of different types of pain. If you have a medical issue you’re not sure what to do with, chiropractic care could be the answer. Give your chiropractor a call today to schedule a consultation.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor, please call AmeriWell Clinics today.

Silver Spring, MD Chiropractors Don’t Generally Prescribe Medication

Medication can be beneficial; however, it is typically not something to rely on for an extended period. Furthermore, pain medication does not treat the cause, but only masks the pain that the body is giving off. In general, a Silver Spring, MD chiropractor, will not prescribe medication. That said, herbal supplements, vitamins, or OTC medication may be recommended. 

Accessing Complementary Treatment

Many Silver Spring, MD chiropractors will also recommend other treatments to take advantage of. Massage therapy, electrical stimulation of the nerves, acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, and exercise are some complementary therapies that can help many of the conditions treated by a chiropractor. 

Chiropractic Treatments Are Personalized

There is no one size fits all for chiropractic care. A good Silver Spring, MD chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics will listen to your needs and carefully review your condition, diagnosis, and lifestyle to create a treatment plan that suits you. Treatment can vary by person and may change from one session to the next. 


Techniques to Enhance Flexibility and Mobility


Advanced Spinal Manipulation Techniques


One of the primary ways professionals in musculoskeletal health can significantly improve flexibility is through advanced spinal manipulation techniques. These targeted adjustments to the spinal column can help realign vertebrae and relieve tension on surrounding muscles, ligaments, and nerves. As a result, this can lead to improved joint mobility and better range of motion. Skilled practitioners with expertise in biomechanics can use these gentle adjustments to unlock stiff joints and promote overall flexibility in the body, without the need for invasive procedures.


Tailored Stretching and Strengthening Exercises


A crucial aspect of enhancing flexibility involves tailored stretching and strengthening exercises. Expert chiropractors can design custom exercise regimens to address specific areas of concern, such as tight hamstrings, restricted shoulders, or inflexible hips. These exercises aim to lengthen tight muscles and improve muscle coordination, thereby enhancing flexibility. Incorporating regular stretching routines into your daily life, as recommended by the chiropractor, can gradually improve your overall flexibility and decrease the risk of injuries during physical activities.


Myofascial Release Techniques


Another highly effective method that chiropractors employ to improve flexibility is myofascial release techniques. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles throughout the body. When it becomes tight or restricted, it can limit the range of motion and contribute to discomfort. Skilled chiropractors use hands-on techniques to apply gentle pressure and manipulate the fascia, releasing tension and increasing flexibility. This approach can target problem areas and help you achieve improved mobility and ease of movement.


Joint Mobilization


Chiropractors are experts at joint mobilization, which involves applying controlled and gentle movements to specific joints in the body. By restoring proper joint function, this technique can help alleviate joint stiffness and improve flexibility. Joint mobilization can also reduce inflammation and promote better circulation, providing a more fluid range of motion. Whether it’s your knees, elbows, or spine, targeted joint mobilization by a skilled chiropractor can be instrumental in enhancing your overall flexibility.


Posture and Ergonomic Guidance

An often-overlooked aspect of improving flexibility is maintaining good posture and ergonomics. Poor posture and improper ergonomics can contribute to muscle imbalances and restricted movements, leading to reduced flexibility over time. Chiropractors can provide valuable guidance on maintaining a proper posture during daily activities and recommend ergonomic adjustments in workspaces to prevent stiffness and discomfort. By incorporating these lifestyle changes, you can protect your spine and muscles, ultimately promoting improved flexibility and overall well-being.


While chiropractors are renowned for their expertise in managing musculoskeletal conditions, they also play a pivotal role in enhancing flexibility and mobility. Through advanced spinal manipulations, personalized stretching exercises, myofascial release techniques, joint mobilization, and posture guidance, chiropractors can help you unlock your body’s potential for increased flexibility. So, if you’re looking to improve your overall range of motion and enjoy a more flexible lifestyle, consider consulting a skilled chiropractor to experience the transformative effects on your body and well-being.

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