Chiropractic Silver Spring, MD

Techniques that involve therapeutic manipulation of the spine have existed for thousands of years, you can now receive the benefit of chiropractics in Silver Spring, MD. Chiropractic care, as it is known in the modern era, began several hundred years ago. Since its beginning, chiropractic care has developed and enjoyed worldwide recognition and praise for its use as an effective medical treatment method. Patients undergoing chiropractic treatment typically report positive changes in their health and overall well-being.

AmeriWell, sees an ever-increasing number of individuals as they come to believe in and benefit from Silver Spring, Maryland chiropractic care for their health. As stated, chiropractic care has been around for many, many years; yet, there are still some things that many potential patients don’t know about this holistic chiropractics available in Silver Spring, MD, including (but not limited to):

  1. The extensive worldwide reach of chiropractic care. Although the chiropractic profession was officially founded in 1895 in America, using spinal manipulation as a therapeutic medical technique has a long and rich history in China. By the mid-1900s, chiropractics had already established a foothold in a long list of countries across the globe, including Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. Chiropractic practices now extend across continents to Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America, as well. Indeed, this type of treatment is a go-to medical methodology that many people across the globe depend upon, including Silver Spring, MD residents in search of chiropractics.
  2. Chiropractic care provides substantial benefits to trauma and torture survivors. The number of people who need healing after traumatic experiences are significant. Trauma can leave survivors with PTSD, chronic pain, nervous system disruption, depression, and other long-term physical and psychological problems. Indeed, victims often have an uphill challenge in dealing with trauma’s aftermath. Silver Spring, MD chiropractics provided by AmeriWell may help trauma survivors as part of a comprehensive treatment approach.
  3. Chiropractors undergo extensive education and rigorous training. There is a substantial misconception about education that Silver Spring, Maryland chiropractic professionals receive. Many people may be under the impression that chiropractors don’t have the appropriate medical training to treat them. This is a massive misconception. Chiropractors go on to chiropractic college after receiving their college diploma. Then, they train for several more years to achieve a Doctor of Chiropractic degree that provides them with a license to practice medicine, just like any other physician. Some people also don’t see chiropractic medical professionals as performing a scientific approach to treatment, when nothing could be further from the truth. Doctors of chiropractic care get thousands of hours of training and education, including clinical and laboratory internships, to secure their qualifications as chiropractors. Our professionals providing chiropractics in Silver Spring, MD are trained and experienced to provide patients with optimal treatment.
  4. The significance of professional attention from a licensed chiropractor. It’s important to know that Silver Spring, MD chiropractic care isn’t as simple as cracking, snapping, or popping someone’s back or neck. If your untrained friend claims to know spinal manipulation and offers to crack your back, allowing him or her to do so might injure you. A substantial number of nerves stem from the spinal cord and passing in between the spinal vertebrae. An untrained person could disrupt the nerve and spinal flow and worsen your condition. AmeriWell can supply the treatment you need by properly and scientifically manipulating your spine.

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Lesser Known Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Many people know that a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD residents trust can treat back and neck pain. However, these are not the conditions that chiropractors can treat. Chiropractors can use spinal adjustments and other non-invasive therapies to treat a wide range of health concerns.

Here are some lesser known benefits of chiropractic care.

  • Improved sleep. While adequate sleep is essential to good health, many people sleep less than the recommended eight hours each night. As a result, they may wake up groggy and have trouble concentrating on their tasks throughout the day. They may also become more emotional from the lack of sleep. Instead of relying on sleeping medication to fall asleep, those who struggle to get enough rest should consider chiropractic care. When your spine is properly aligned, you may have less pain and stress, which may help you fall asleep easier at night.
  • Better digestion. A poorly aligned spine can have negative effects on several parts of your body, including your stomach. If your spine is out of alignment, you may be more likely to experience gas, acid reflux and other digestion issues. By getting regular chiropractic adjustment, you may be able to improve your digestion and feel better.
  • Increased immune function. Nobody likes being sick. However, if your spine is not aligned properly, it can make your immune system less effective. Therefore, if you tend to catch the cold or flu frequently, you may want to consider seeing a Silver Spring chiropractor. He or she can help realign your spine so that your immune system can perform better.
  • Increased energy levels. If you often feel fatigued during the day, you might not think it has anything to do with the alignment of your spine. However, if your muscles and joints are sore from a misaligned spine, you may have decreased energy. You may struggle to finish all of your tasks. If you get regular chiropractic adjustments, you may be able to restore your energy.
  • Better pregnancy. Pregnant women experience many changes in their bodies and may not feel so good all the time. The extra weight, for example, can put pressure on the spine and cause back pain. If you are currently pregnant, you may want to think about seeing a chiropractor. He or she can perform regular adjustments to get your spine back into alignment and help you have a healthier pregnancy.
  • Alleviate headaches. While most people have had at least one headache in their life, experiencing multiple headaches every week is another story. If you get headaches often, you may have trouble concentrating and making good decisions. You may even have trouble falling asleep at night. Instead of resorting to pain medication, consider getting chiropractic treatment for your headaches. A Silver Spring chiropractor may use several methods, from spinal manipulation to electrical stimulation, to finally help you get relief from your headaches.