There are 3 main purposes of this method. Those are to restore spinal alignment, repair joint dysfunction, and ensure proper movement and mobility. This technique uses hands-on thrusts with extreme precision to help realign the spine and other joints. The goal is to increase the patient’s range of motion through this process and help relieve pain. Around 96% of chiropractors use this technique for over 70% of their patients. 


It comes off as sounding scary but it isn’t. It is when chiropractors and physical therapists relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. This is another manual therapy technique where the chiropractor uses thrusting to move joints and the spine back into place. However, it involves more stretching and the thrusting is more gentle and the first technique. 


This technique utilizes a specially designed table that is constructed of padded platforms fitted with a drop mechanism. This mechanism drops the patient a fraction of an inch as the practitioner applies a quick thrust to complete the adjustment. This is typically done when the spine rotation isn’t working. 


This form of adjustment is used to restore the normal disc alignment and restore maximum mobility. The unique aspect of this method is the patient can be sitting up or lying down on their side. The chiropractor will then use a specific contact point with their hand to manipulate the lower back or pelvis to realign it. 


This is when a small handheld device known as the Activator is used. This device administers a gentle impulse to the extremities or the vertebral segments of the spine. It is spring-loaded and is used to adjust the tone of the nervous system and can be used to treat a variety of conditions from headaches to lower back pain issues. 

As you can see there are a variety of methods that can be used and this is only the surface. What you need may not be what someone else needs and that is why contacting a chiropractor is so important. If you are tired of living with back pain then contact a chiropractor in Laurel, Maryland to see what we here at AmeriWell Clinics can do for you.