Chiropractor Wheaton, MD

Chiropractor Wheaton, MD

Can a Chiropractor Wheaton, MD Trusts Help Get My Body Back in Sync?

Chiropractor Wheaton, MD


The chiropractic approach to wellness has piqued the interest of people in discomfort or pain for quite some time. This alternative strategy focuses on getting a patient’s body system back in sync, after being thrown out of proper alignment either due to an illness or injury. Treatment by a chiropractor differs compared to standard medicine, in that surgery and prescription medication are not the focus of treatment plans. A patient may have been told by their standard medicine doctor that the only option left for their condition is invasive surgery. In many cases, this is when a patient may turn to a Wheaton, MD chiropractor as a method of treatment.


If you would like to learn more about how a chiropractor can help you, contact AmeriWell Clinics. In the meantime, the following are some common questions our patients ask.


Are chiropractic treatments safe for everyone?

A chiropractor can treat a wide variety of people, with different types of conditions. Treatments can even benefit children, as well as those of senior age. When meeting with a chiropractor, be forthcoming about your current conditions so he or she can determine whether adjustments can be beneficial to your health. Chiropractic medicine is recognized as one of the top therapy approaches for those who desire drug-free and non-invasive care.


What conditions can a chiropractor treat?

A chiropractor treats injuries or disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. Areas of common pain and discomfort for patients are in the neck, back and other joint areas, in addition to frequent headaches. Conditions that impact the nervous system can cause dysfunction in other areas of the body too. Since our entire body system is linked together, many conditions affect more than just the site of the injury or illness.


What about horror stories about an adjustment that ended badly?

Some people may have heard terrible stories about patients who have received a chiropractic treatment, only to have a worsened condition. There are risks that can come along with any type of wellness approach. However, the risks associated with a chiropractic treatment are incredibly small. It is important to find a Wheaton MD chiropractor that is legitimate and has gone through the proper training.


What education level do most chiropractors have?

The majority of chiropractors have gone through four years of pre-medical undergraduate education and then five years of study at an accredited chiropractic college where they complete thousands of hours in clinical, classroom, and laboratory experience. The educational requirements for chiropractors are among some of the most demanding of health care professions. Most chiropractors have studied topics such as biology, physics, psychology, chemistry, neurology, anatomy, diagnosis, nutrition, and more.


What if I feel sore after a chiropractic treatment session?

It can be very normal to experience some degree of soreness after an adjustment. The soreness should be similar to what you would feel after working out. If you are concerned about any stiffness, do not hesitate to reach out to you chiropractor for reassurance. Soreness after a chiropractic treatment is often due to your body being moved back into proper alignment.


Why You May Want to See a Wheaton, MD Chiropractor After a Car Accident


Those who have been involved in a vehicle accident may have suffered minor or severe aches and pains. Neck and back injuries can take months or years to fully heal, depending on the severity of the crash. Even victims of minor car accidents can benefit from visiting a chiropractor soon afterward. While prescription drugs and surgery may be the recommended treatment from a conventional doctor, a person may be able to avoid going under anesthesia by trying chiropractic care instead. There are many reasons why a person may want to see a chiropractor in Wheaton, MD after being part of a car accident:


Not All Injuries are Externally Visible


Heavy bruises, broken bones and deep cuts are easy to notice after a vehicle collision. But, when it comes to neck and back related injuries, conditions like whiplash may not be apparent right away. It can take hours, days or even weeks before a person feels the full extent of a neck or back injury.


Common symptoms of a neck or back injury can include dizziness, soreness, headaches or pain around area. Ignoring a possible injury may only result in long-term or chronic discomfort. To help prevent from a worsened neck and back injury, consider getting an exam from a chiropractor in the days following the accident. The sooner a chiropractor in Wheaton, MD

can do an evaluation, the sooner treatment and healing can begin.


Non-Invasive Treatment Option


Patients who wait longer than they should have to get medical care after a car accident may be told by their primary physician that surgery is the only treatment option left for a neck and/or back injury. However, chiropractic care can be a great alternative for those who want to try non-invasive methods before committing to surgery. The majority of people do not appeal to the idea of surgery, so it is often the very last resort after everything else has been tried.


Reduction of Inflammation


When the victim of a car accident receives an exam from a conventional doctor, he or she may get an X-ray as a way to identifies areas that have been injured. Unfortunately, micro-tears in muscles and ligaments do not show up on X-ray images. These small tears are often the reason why people experience severe pain the next day or so after an accident. A Wheaton, MD chiropractor can perform a treatment that realigns the spinal cord, encouraging the body system to release natural healing properties to reduce inflammation and pain in these troublesome areas.


Relief from Pain without Medication


A conventional doctor may prescribe a car accident victim an array of prescription medications, including muscle-relaxers, pain killers, and anti-inflammatories. While this may work in the shorter term to alleviate discomfort, it may not be helpful in healing the root of the problem. Additionally, painkillers can become addictive and muscle-relaxers can cause disorientation. With chiropractic adjustments, a person can experience pain reduction the more natural way. Treatments by a chiropractor in Wheaton, MD address the injury directly, versus simply masking the pain temporarily.


If you would like to learn more about how a chiropractor Wheaton, MD patients recommend can help you, contact AmeriWell Clinics today.