Neck pain doctor Wheaton, MD

Neck pain doctor Wheaton, MD

When should you go to a chiropractor for back and neck pain?

Nearly everyone suffers from some type of back or neck pain in their life. These could be chronic issues, unknown issues, or problems that creep up after an injury. If you are experiencing back and neck pain, it is common to seek help from a back and neck pain doctor in Wheaton, MD to increase your quality of living. The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study that found that chiropractic help (also known as spinal manipulation), can help prevent further pain and even improve function in a back suffering from pain. However, you must first determine if it is safe to seek help from a Wheaton, MD neck pain doctor. Typically, the first things you should look for when getting the help from a chiropractor are whether they are properly licensed and properly trained.

What conditions does a chiropractor treat?

In most cases, a chiropractor will help treat spin issues, which can occur in the lumbar spine (or lower back), or the thoracic spine (the upper back). Additionally, chiropractors will also treat for neck pain, also known as the cervical spine. Among the types of injuries treated, a Wheaton, MD neck pain doctor might treat for:

  •      Headaches
  •      Leg or arm pain
  •      Knee injuries
  •      Back injuries, and more

Many people are often concerned about paying too much in hospital bills or going in for surgery for back and neck pain. In these situations, it might be best to consider a more conservative approach to back and neck pain, like visiting a Wheaton, MD neck pain doctor or chiropractor.

What treatments do chiropractors provide?

Typically, chiropractors will provide what is known as manual manipulation. In these instances, the chiropractor will use their hands to improve joint mobility in specific areas—like the neck or lower and upper back. By using manual manipulation, they can reduce muscle tightness and help relieve irritated nerves.

What can you expect at your first chiropractic visit?

In the case of a chiropractor, you can reasonably expect what you might get from other health care and medical providers. For example, upon arrival, you will most likely be expected to give a medical history and identify how your pain began, ways it is limiting you in your usual activities, how much pain you are in, and what other symptoms you might have. If you have already gotten images done in the forms of x-rays or MRIs, or if you have gotten bloodwork done, those should be sent over prior to your first chiropractic visit. The next step would be to examine the afflicted area. A chiropractor might look at your scope of movement, the alignment, nerve function, and how much flexibility with your movement you have in that area. Finally, once the exam has been completed, your chiropractor will offer you some form of treatment and tell you how they think this treatment will best work for your individual case.

Do you need to go more than once?

If you are receiving treatment from a chiropractor or Wheaton, MD neck pain doctor, it is imperative to visit more than once. Depending on the severity of your back and neck pain, you might see a chiropractor multiple times in a week or even monthly. In others cases, the patient can come back on an as-needed basis for their pain.

If you are suffering from any form of back and neck pain, or have more questions regarding how a chiropractor might be able to help treat your back and neck pain, contact a Wheaton, MD neck pain doctor at Ameriwell Clinics to have your questions answered and to find out a quality form of treatment for your pain.

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