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Chiropractor Takoma Park, MDIf you’re on this website, there’s a good chance that you are experiencing pain or a health condition that is hindering your ability to enjoy life, and you are considering seeing a chiropractor Takoma Park, MD residents rely on at AmeriWell Clinics. We understand what you are going through and are ready to offer you the support and treatment you need. Whether you have acute or chronic pain or would like to improve your general health, a chiropractor can help. Guided by experience, the most effective techniques, patience, care, and a friendly demeanor, your chiropractor can assist you in the recovery process.

To schedule an immediate consultation with a chiropractor Takoma Park, MD residents and personal injury accident victims depend on, call us today. We offer convenient appointment hours, flexible payment plans, and accept some insurance carriers.

What is a Chiropractor?
When personal injury victims are looking for recovery help after an accident, their first thought is probably to go to their primary care physician for treatment. However, chiropractic care can give you just as effective treatment with more natural remedies. Your chiropractor will likely perform different spinal manipulations or massage/therapy techniques to get your muscles and joints back in order. This can help many patients improve their range of motion, especially if they take these techniques home and practice them.

It is important that when you go visit a chiropractor, you are seeing someone who is properly licensed, certified, and trained. If they are not, find someone who is. Chiropractors implement very specialized techniques and you want to ensure that this person is trained to do so.

Diagnosing the Problem
Like other medical problems, the right chiropractic treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our clinic uses various methods which are often the same as those used by traditional doctors, including orthopedic testing, postural assessment, neurological testing, X-rays, and more. Our first goal will be to determine whether or not chiropractic care can treat your specific ailment. If not, we may be able to recommend another form of medical care that will be more beneficial.

For example, consider a headache. Headaches can be caused by any number of reasons, such as a pinched nerve, allergic reaction, sinus problem, blood infection, or dehydration, to name a few. After an assessment, we will discuss with you our diagnosis and let you know if proceeding with chiropractic care is a good idea. It is our primary objective to get you back to optimal health as quickly and safely as possible.

Treating the Issue
The word “chiropractic” stems from two Greek words ‘cheir’ which means hand and ‘practices‘, or done by. Chiropractic care is a hands-on treatment. Your doctor will use hands to make spinal adjustments and massage. Specialized force is used to realign the vertebrae, and depending on what your diagnosis is, a chiropractor Takoma Park, MD families trust might also use other techniques and treatments such as:

  • Corrective exercises
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Spinal and postural screenings
  • Diversified manipulation
  • Receptor tonus technique
  • Drop table technique
  • Physical therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Mechanical traction
  • Spinal decompression

Preventing a problem from happening is better than treating a problem after the fact. Our chiropractic doctor might also make recommendations for your diet and lifestyle which can further your recovery and prevent other injuries from happening.

Chiropractic Help After a Personal Injury
When it comes to personal injuries, the initial accident may have shocked you, but sometimes there is more damage during the recovery process. Not only could you have seriously high medical bills, but you may also be dealing with the stress and pain of your injuries for weeks, months, or potentially years. When you are not sure of the best solution for treating your pain after a personal injury accident, call the trusted chiropractors at AmeriWell Clinics today. They have worked with personal injury patients for many years helping them recover and find a treatment plan that works best for them.

Additionally, many people would prefer to try a more natural form of treatment instead of going through the expense and recovery time that accompanies surgery. Others prefer to avoid medications that may have serious side effects. If this sounds like a more sustainable option, please call our clinic today.

Can a Chiropractor Helpful After a Personal Injury Accident?
When someone else’s negligence caused you to sustain a personal injury, a chiropractor can be precisely the medical professional you need to help properly document and assess your injuries so that you have all the information you need when you file a claim. Your chiropractor is a medical professional who can determine the extent of the damage done, and it is important to speak directly with your chiropractor Takoma Park, MD patients trust about why you are there in the first place. This can help them to take down detailed information regarding your injuries, how you are healing, and how you likely would not have healed had you gone elsewhere. This can be incredibly beneficial when you and your attorney file a claim.

If I Get Care From AmeriWell Clinics Can I See Another Doctor?
Absolutely. In fact, many chiropractors are more than happy to work alongside your primary care physician, especially if you are still considering how medication or surgery might help your procedure. It is important to let your chiropractor know of any other treatments you are undergoing and any types of medication you are on so that they can treat you in the best way possible during your visits.

For more information on how an AmeriWell Clinics chiropractor can help you while you are recovering from a personal injury, please speak with a member of the chiropractic care team today.

The Noise You Hear When Your Chiropractor Adjusts You
Chiropractic adjustments can give your body a lot of relief, both during and after your appointment. However, while your doctor adjusts you – and potentially using quite a bit of force in some cases – you might hear some loud cracking or popping noises that may not sound very good!

Fortunately, that sound is completely normal. Surrounding your joints there is a fluid where air can become trapped, creating small air bubbles. As the chiropractor adjusts you, these air bubbles pop and create that sometimes loud cracking sound. After this your back likely feels looser, although this doesn’t always completely treat the entirety of the pain or soreness you’re experiencing. Chiropractic care is meant to provide gradual changes that bring your joints into proper alignment at a healthy pace for your body.

Do All Adjustments Make a Sound?
Not all adjustments cause this type of sound, especially techniques that are low force, meant for individuals who do not like or want excessive adjustment in certain areas, such as those that are highly sensitive or in pain.

While some individuals are tempted to think of the sound as “progress” since it does signify that a joint has moved slightly, if you do not hear a sound this does not mean that an adjustment hasn’t happened. There are numerous techniques chiropractors can use on your body, depending on what makes the most sense for your ailments and your level of comfort, and not all of these make sounds.

It is common for some people to be turned off by this popping sound and may even avoid chiropractic care altogether. The idea of someone moving your body in a way that causes joints to move can also be a disconcerting thought, but as long as you work with a chiropractor who is trained and well-practiced, there is really nothing to be concerned about.

What To Expect After a Treatment Session
If you are new to the chiropractic approach, you may be curious about what to expect after a treatment session. This is a very common question for new patients and please do not hold back from asking for clarification if you are confused or curious about what care entails. And while every patient is different from the next, there are a few things to keep in mind after you have been adjusted:

When You Will Feel Better
When patients step into our office for the first time, it is not uncommon for them to be in significant pain and desperately yearning for relief. Each person is treated individually, so we cannot say for certain when you will begin to feel better. In general, the more severe and chronic the issue, the more adjustments you may require before your body feels the benefits.

Body Aches After the Appointment
If your body is not accustomed to chiropractic adjustments, it may not recognize a correct alignment the first time due to having gotten used to a less than ideal posture. It is normal to feel some achiness or soreness of the muscles and joints after an appointment, but it should not persist past a day or two. But, if you are concerned about anything that you feel after a treatment session, do not hesitate to call a chiropractor Takoma Park, MD patients trust even if just for some reassurance that what you are experiencing is normal.

Drink Fluids and Stay in Motion
After an adjustment, your bones and muscles have been stimulated and moved. This can result in the body releasing toxins (similar to after getting a massage), so you need to drink plenty of fluids shortly after an appointment. The human body is composed mostly of water, and uses it to cushion joints, flush byproducts, and hydrate cells. And, any movement you can do in the following days can help hold the adjustment in place and prevent the body from going back to its incorrect position. 

Get Plenty of Sleep
When we sleep, our bodies are able to repair itself. So if you are not getting sufficient rest, it can hinder your body’s ability to heal. Lack of sleep can contribute to weakness, fatigue, memory loss, depression, and more. You may also want to evaluate whether the pillow and mattress you use is actually benefiting you. If you have a mattress that is too hard or soft, it can put your body in a harmful position all night. Your chiropractor Takoma Park, MD families turn to can give you recommendations for how to maintain a proper alignment during sleeping hours. 

What are Spinal Subluxations?
A chiropractor Takoma Park, MD residents trust can do an exam and let you know whether you have subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine. These misalignments may occur for several reasons, and your chiropractor can talk with you further about what these reasons may be depending on your lifestyle, work environment, and medical history. Subluxations are not good for the body because they interrupt communication of the central nervous system and can lead to health problems in the neck and back, in addition to causing headaches.

Is a Chiropractor Right for You?
A good chiropractor can use their knowledge and skill to feel your back and determine what the best course of treatment will be for your ailments. If they suspect, or determine through spinal x-rays, that you have a broken bone or fracture, they will suggest that you see a surgeon or other medical professional.

If you have other types of pain or joint/spinal concerns that can be improved or healed without surgery, chiropractic care could be your best option. Work with someone you feel comfortable with and know that the popping sound that comes with an adjustment is nothing to be worried about!

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