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Physical Therapy Falls Church, VAPhysical Therapy Falls Church, VA

Joint pain is a problem that many people of many different age ranges suffer from. It can make it difficult to walk, run, and move around. Physical therapy is a good treatment to start with if you suffer from joint pain, and it can help you restore function in your joints, recover from an injury, prevent future injuries, and maintain your overall health. With a qualified physical therapist to provide treatment for you, they can identify the source of your pain so that you can obtain the

Here are some exercises that you can try at home to strengthen your body and reduce joint pain.

Physical Therapy in Falls Church, VA

If you are searching for a reliable and highly trained physical therapist to help you get relief for your injury or condition, you can go to a doctor or wellness specialist at AmeriWell Clinics. They have extensive experience treating patients who suffer from joint pain due to injuries or pre-existing health conditions.

Common Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapists develop an exercise program for you to do at home for several weeks. Combined with ice, rest, compression, and elevation, they should help to alleviate your pain and help accelerate your recovery. The following exercises at home to reduce aches and pain, strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Wall Slide. The wall slide helps to strengthen your quads, glutes, calves. If these muscles are weak, it can cause knee pain to develop. Stand next to a wall and press your back against it, with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. Slowly slide down, keeping your back pressed against the wall until your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Pay attention to your breathing and keep it consistent throughout the exercise.

Hip Abduction. For hip abduction exercises, you will need a soft yoga mat that you can lie down on. Lie down on your side with your legs extended. Point your toes to the side and slowly raise your leg until you feel your hip flex. Hold the position for three to five seconds, then return to your starting position. You can have your leg that is on the mat bent slightly to keep yourself stable. Repeat the exercise ten times for three sets.

Quadricep Stretch. Keeping your quads flexible can help you minimize pain in your knee. Stand on one leg and hold your foot on the other leg. You can hold onto a chair or wall for support. Pull your foot until you feel a stretch in your quadriceps muscles or front of your thigh. It should be a light to moderate stretch that should not cause pain or discomfort. Hold for ten seconds and repeat on the other side.

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Stretching your muscles and doing strengthening exercises can help you get rid of joint pain. It’s important to keep these muscles engaged so that your joints, tendons, and ligaments are functioning properly. If you are suffering from pain that has not gone away, you may benefit from physical therapy. Schedule a consultation at AmeriWell Clinics to learn more about physical therapy benefits.