Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great way for people to receive help and treatment for mobility and movement issues that are occurring in their lives.  Many people each day are affected by such issues that restrict them from being able to do the things they enjoy. They are also affected negatively when they are unable to do certain bodily movements that they need to perform to carry out their daily activities. This could have a negative effect on their limbs that cause them pain or that make it difficult to walk, hold items, reach for things, and more. If you are being affected by muscle or joint issues and are in need of assistance then a physical therapist may be the right thing for you at this point in time.

What a Physical Therapist Does

A physical therapist works with patients to help them regain mobility in parts of their body that aren’t working as well due to an injury or other issue. A physical therapist will take the time to examine a patient to see which areas of the body are painful or restricting movement. They will then come up with a plan that typically involves stretching, exercising, and other activities to help the patient get back to normal. Physical therapists are an especially helpful aid as they also will track progress over a period of time to make sure that the method they have chosen to return mobility or reduce pain is working for their patients. If these methods aren’t working then they can alter the plan and find a new way to help the patient recover and restore their movement and mobility. 

Physical Therapist Skills and Education 

A physical therapist’s skill set may vary among different practicing therapists but they generally have knowledge and skill in a few different areas. They typically have a firm understanding of anatomy and biology. They also typically have a foundation in physiology as well as kinesiology. Their skills and knowledge regarding bodily movement and how the body works sets them apart from other therapists and individuals. That is why they are so good and helpful to patients who are in need of their services. Feel free to ask them other important questions about restoring bodily movements and which areas generally are affected over time. 

Questions to Consider Asking a Physical Therapist

As people age their bodies begin to be affected more by the stresses that have been put on them over time. This could be in reaching for things, standing, walking, holding, sitting in certain positions, and more. Consider asking questions of a physical therapist in Falls Church, VA from a firm like AmeriWell Clinics about how muscles are affected over time and how they can help a patient get back to feeling their best. You can also ask them questions about what the most common injuries are that affect bodily movements as well as how the muscles and joints can become weaker over time.