There are many reasons to see a back pain doctor. They have specialized knowledge of the complexities of the musculoskeletal system and the numerous conditions and abnormalities that can occur within it. They have many years of experience treating back pain in patients, so they are familiar with many conditions that cause it. A back pain doctor is knowledgeable about non-invasive treatments so that you can avoid the risk of harmful side effects which can worsen your condition. 


How treatments can a back pain doctor provide? 

There are many types of treatment options that a back pain doctor knows. From spinal adjustments, decompression, to flexion techniques and more. They also use an assortment of chiropractic instruments to aid in the treatment that allow for varying degrees of pressure. To treat back pain, an experienced and trained back pain doctor will accurately assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatments that will be most beneficial for you. 


Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation, are a form of chiropractic treatment that aims to relieve pressure, reduce pain and inflammation. A chiropractor performs an adjustment by having a patient sit or lie down on a table. They look for the certain spots on the body that are misaligned apply gentle but forceful thrusts so that the spine is in the correct position. Adjustments are not painful, but for some they can be uncomfortable. 


When should I see a back pain doctor? 

It is important to watch for signs so that you know when you should see a back pain doctor. If you have been experiencing acute or chronic pain that has not improved or has worsened, you should see a doctor right away. They will assess you and determine what your condition is. A back pain doctor can develop a treatment plan to immediately address your symptoms and help you recover quickly. 

There can be many causes of back pain, and it’s important that you see a back pain doctor in Rockville, MD like one at AmeriWell Clinics to know why. Do not try to diagnose the cause of your pain yourself. It could be because of an internal issue, like inflammation in the joints or a small tear. A back pain doctor can develop a customized treatment plan for you so that you can recover from your injury or ease your symptoms. Schedule a consultation with a trusted back pain doctor today so that you can get pain relief.