Back pain doctor Wheaton, MD

Back pain doctor Wheaton, MD

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Chiropractic Care

Back pain doctor Wheaton, MD


Are you struggling with severe physical pain? Have you spoken with your back pain doctor in Wheaton, MD to begin a treatment plan only to find that they offer no helpful alternatives? This can leave someone suffering from serious pain to feel as though there are no viable options for relief. Chiropractors have long been an attractive option for those suffering from pain who are desperate for relief. Many, are so apprehensive to obtaining treatment from a chiropractor or back pain in doctor Wheaton, MD that they may actually never experience pain relief. It’s not uncommon to have questions, rather than bypassing treatment from a chiropractor, consulting with them regarding treatment options may help you when making a decision that is right for you.


What does a chiropractor do?

By administering spinal manipulation, a Wheaton, MD back pain doctor or chiropractor can make adjustments to the spine that may assist the musculoskeletal and 

nervous system in healing. A misaligned spine may result in a number of problems throughout the body. An adjustment can help to align the spine to not only manage pain, but to also treat underlying issues that may be the source of the pain. There are a number of ailments and injuries a chiropractor may be able to help manage. Some, may be resolved under the care of a chiropractor alone, while others may utilize other treatment methods, including traditional care from a physician. A chiropractor may be able to assist in treating or managing the following:


  • Neck/back/Shoulder Pain
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Recovery
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Arthritis and joint problems
  • Sciatica


Can a chiropractor injure me?

A primary reason prospective patients may not seek treatment from a back pain doctor in Wheaton, MD is out of fear that something will go wrong when being adjusted. While research can show that it’s possible for a chiropractor to make serious mistakes. Most of these are the result of seeking treatment from a chiropractor who does not have the proper qualifications or experience. There are a variety of measures a prospective patient can do to ensure that this doesn’t occur:


  • Take the time to properly research available chiropractors in your area
  • Seek treatment from a chiropractor who has experience in treating conditions like yours
  • Speak with your doctor to determine that chiropractics is the appropriate treatment for you
  • Consult with a chiropractor to ask them questions regarding their experience and the treatment they may be able to provide to you.  

Should I speak with my doctor before I see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is not for everyone. Some conditions may actually not be appropriate for this type of treatment. If you are suffering from pain due to an injury, or have a specific medical diagnosis, consulting with both your physician and prospective chiropractors and back pain doctors in  Wheaton, MDmay be helpful. Together, they may be able to work with you in determining if this course of treatment is right for you.


Seeking treatment from a chiropractor can provide patients with a variety of benefits. Although you may be apprehensive at first, many people usually find themselves more at ease following their initial consultation. It can be surprising when patient’s begin to experience pain relief following regular chiropractic treatments. Consulting with a chiropractor or back pain doctor in Wheaton, MD from Ameriwell is likely to be beneficial in putting your mind at ease when making decisions concerning treatment for ailments you are suffering from.