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A chiropractor Rockville, MD patients trust at AmeriWell Clinics knows that almost every person will suffer from back pain in his or her lifetime. For some, this pain may go away after a few days of rest, but for others, the pain may be relentless and last for weeks or longer. If you are struggling to manage back pain to the point where it is interfering with your ability to enjoy activities, then it is probably time to get it checked out by a chiropractor. New patients get their first exam at no cost, so do not hesitate to take us up on that offer by calling today.

About Back Pain

Many people who start to feel pain in their back area may reach for pain medication or anti-inflammatory to control their symptoms. These medicines can be beneficial in the short-term so a person is not experiencing intense pain, but then a comprehensive treatment plan must be created in order to address the underlying problem. If not, then the problem can slowly turn into a chronic or degenerative issue. A chiropractor from AmeriWell Clinics can do an exam and run diagnostics to determine where the pain is originating from and potential causes.

Treating a Pinched Nerve

Many people will see a chiropractor because they believe they have a pinched nerve. This is a condition that is actually very complicated and can involve physical trauma, chemical build-up, or emotional toxins – all of which can affect the tissues of the spinal cord. When a nerve is rubbed, scraped, stretched, or pinched, because of irritation of the joints, or a loss of spinal curve, pain can result. A chiropractor can assess the affected area to determine if a nerve is pinched, and provide you with a treatment plan. 

Treating a Slipped Disc

In between the spinal bones are an intervertebral disc of cartilage-like material. This allows the discs to comfortably turn and bend. However, when there is a trauma or injury to the spine, the disc can herniate, tear, bulge, or rupture. The pain can be very unpleasant and long-lasting. Although a chiropractor cannot guarantee results, many patients have been able to avoid surgery and find relief through adjustments. 

When to See a Chiropractor

If you feel like your back, spine, shoulder, neck, or joint health could be better, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to find out whether chiropractic care is right for you. If the pain has persisted for longer than several weeks, then it is worth getting advice from a chiropractor family’s trust for the best chiropractic services. Contact our office as soon as possible if you are experiencing these following symptoms for more than seven days:

  • Pain radiating through one or both legs
  • Tingling, weakness, or numbness in one or both legs
  • Swelling or redness at the region of pain
  • Intense pain, particularly when lying down or at nighttime
  • Unintentional weight loss

Your First Appointment

At your first consultation with a chiropractor at AmeriWell Clinics, we may ask you about your general medical history, when you first began feeling the pain, where the pain is located, and what degree of pain you are feeling. It can also help us to know what kind of treatments or approaches you have tried in the past without lasting results. While less common, it is possible that we may suggest getting testing done, such as x-rays, bloodwork, or an MRI scan. During the exam, we will evaluate your range of movement, muscle strength, and posture. Please let us know if you have been part of any kind of personal injury accident in recent months, including a car accident, slip and fall accident, workplace accident, etc.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as a subluxation, is a treatment that involves the use of force in a certain direction, and on a part of the body that is not aligned correctly. The adjustment, conducted by a chiropractor, adds motion to the joints; thereby, allowing the bones to return to a normal position. A chiropractic adjustment can activate certain nerves that can be found in the spine, as well as other parts of the body. These nerves are essential to your survival and without them, you might struggle to know what was up or down or whether you were moving to something dangerous! The purpose, overall, of an adjustment is to improve the function of the spine, nervous system, and health. 

How an Adjustment is Done

Chiropractic adjustments can be performed in a few different ways. Usually, they include:

  • The doctor’s hands
  • Specially designed instruments
  • A combination of the two

An adjustment is highly accurate and often fast; however, some require a slow, steady force of pressure. 

Is It Safe?

Chiropractic care is very safe and has an impressive safety record. The treatment is conservative, non-invasive, and avoids addictive painkillers. For anyone seeking improved health and wellbeing, a chiropractor may be able to help. 

Chiropractic Treatments

As a chiropractor from AmeriWell Clinics may tell patients during a consultation, we can treat many other conditions aside from neck and back problems. Chiropractors also use various forms of therapies besides spinal adjustments to alleviate neck and back pain. The first step is getting a thorough physical evaluation to identify the cause of problematic areas.

Common treatments that a chiropractor may recommend include stretching, exercise, soft tissue therapy, physical therapy, lifestyle modification, and diet/nutritional counseling. If your body is achy, painful, or exhibiting other uncomfortable symptoms, then it’s trying to tell you that something isn’t quite right. Don’t hesitate to speak with a chiropractor patients can depend on for healing and recovery.

Stretching and Exercise

Depending on the injury or condition that you have, your chiropractor may recommend doing stretching and exercises at home too. Therapeutic stretches are an impactful way to help prevent scar tissue accumulation, keep tissues flexible, enhance mobility, and safeguard against new injuries or a return of symptoms. Your chiropractor can give you instructions on how to do these gentle exercises and stretches safely at home.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Your chiropractor may suggest using hands-on soft tissue therapy to improve the function of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules. The most commonly used soft tissue therapies are called the Graston Technique and the Active Release Technique (ART). Your chiropractor can let you know if soft tissue therapy is suitable

for your treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

In combination with spinal adjustments, your MD chiropractor in Rockville patients trust may suggest incorporating muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS), ice and heat therapy, or ultrasound to achieve optimal results. With muscle stimulation, light electrical pulses are transmitted into certain areas of the body via electrodes which are placed on the skin. There are various types of electrical stimulation approaches, but in general, this would be beneficial for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and for the treatment of muscle spasms.

If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic treatments, you can contact a friendly front desk representative at AmeriWell Clinics to have your inquiries answered.

Diet/Nutritional Counseling

Studies show that a poor diet and imbalances nutritionally can be a factor in illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. A chiropractor family’s trust for care is trained in providing diet and nutritional counseling. We understand that talking about diet and weight can be uncomfortable, however, there is no judgment. If we talk with you about diet and nutrition, it is only as a way to give you another method of treating your current ailments. Knowledge is power!

We can imagine that if you are in pain and discomfort, all you really want is some way to make it go away. You may have turned to prescription pain-killers or other less than ideal ways to treat it, with minimal to no lasting results. If you are ready to try an entirely new and healthy approach to wellness, then contact AmeriWell Clinics to schedule your appointment with a chiropractor patients trust for quality care today!

First Visit to Your Rockville, MD Chiropractor

Your first visit to a chiropractor is very similar to your first visit to a traditional doctor’s office. You will be greeted by the office staff, who will confirm your contact information and medical history. There will likely be questions about your diet, activity level, sleep habits, and even stress level. Providing your chiropractor with an overall picture of your health and lifestyle can help determine what type of issues you may be having and what is the best course of treatment for those issues.

When you meet your chiropractor, he or she will go into more detail about your lifestyle and medical history. They will also want to know more details about whatever health issues you may be experiencing now, such as when the issue began, what your level of pain is, are there certain factors that make the pain worse, and what types of treatments – if any – have you tried prior to this visit.

Your chiropractor will then complete a thorough examination which will determine what type of spinal misalignments may be present that could be causing nerve interference and your current conditions. The examination includes different noninvasive tests, such as reflex testing, bending, and turning.

In some situations, your chiropractor will include other tests, such as X-rays, thermography, and surface electromyography. These tests can reveal your nervous system and spine function.

After completion of the exam, the chiropractor will put together a report of their findings, what these findings mean, and what types of chiropractic treatment can help with the situation. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, your treatment plan may also include dietary suggestions, exercises, stretches, and other things you can do at home between office visits.

The Education Level of a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are very well educated. The science of chiropractic requires an understanding of anatomy, pathology, neurology, X-ray, physiology, and several other related topics. A curriculum such as this enables a chiropractor to identify the vertebral subluxation complex and treat dysfunction within the nervous system. 

Chiropractors must pass a national exam and apply to state government and/or professional licensing boards. Another test will need to be passed before being able to practice. Education does not end here. Rather, chiropractors are required to continue their education by attending different seminars, training, and so forth. 

Initial Adjustment

If you decide to move forward with the treatment plan your chiropractor has recommended, an appointment will be made for your first adjustment. Depending on your situation, the chiropractor may actually do your first

adjustment at your first appointment.

Your chiropractor will perform the adjustment with their hands and/or instrument where they will apply just the right amount of energy to an exact area of your spine. These adjustments reduce the nerve interference that is taking place which causes your painful condition and helps restore your spine back to health. Many of our patients say they feel relief after just one or two visits.

Questions About Back Pain

When you are looking for a chiropractor for your back pain, you may be at the end of your rope. When people typically start dealing with back pain, they may choose to try medication, resting it, or seeing their local doctor. However, a chiropractor may be a better option for your situation, especially if you are hoping to go a natural route for your treatment plan. If you are unfamiliar with going to the chiropractor or if this is your first visit, you may have some questions you would like answered before your treatment. Below are some of the most common questions chiropractors get relating to treatment and back pain. If you want to schedule your appointment with our office, give us a call now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does back pain occur? Is it always an injury that causes it?

When it comes to back pain, there are many reasons you may be having a hard time moving or turning. It is extremely common for someone to experience back pain if they have been working harder physically lately. For example, if you started a new exercise routine or if you are pushing or pulling heavy loads at work, you may be experiencing pain that can be dull and throbbing or excruciating. On the other hand, others are more prone to chronic back pain that may have been around for a long time. Remember, back pain does not only come from high-impact activities. 

I thought my back was hurting but now I have pain in my legs. Could this be related?

Absolutely. In fact, many patients complain that their pain started in their back and they noticed it radiating down to other areas of your body. Your spine and back can become so injured that you begin feeling pain in nearby areas. It is important that you discuss everything that is causing you pain when you visit your chiropractor, not just the obvious areas. 

My posture isn’t great. Will this contribute to back pain?

Poor posture can be a cause or a result of back pain. If you are unable to extend your back fully because of pain, you may not be able to sit up properly. On the other hand, if you have poor posture to begin with, it may weaken your muscles putting you at a greater risk for becoming injured later on.

Signs It’s Time to See a Chiropractor

There are many reasons that people see a chiropractor. If you have yet to visit one, then you may not know when it’s time to get an exam and treatment for your symptoms. There are many benefits to having a reputable chiropractor adjust your spine, joints, and perform other treatments. If you have been questioning whether a visit to a chiropractor should be in your near future, here are just a few signs that you probably should:

  • Pain in the joints or muscles. Body aches can put a serious damper on how you go about your day, and can make it more difficult to get comfortable sleeping. Visiting a chiropractor can help reduce the pain you are feeling in the joints and muscles. An adjustment can help realign the areas of your body that are not in proper positioning, so that your body can work optimally in its natural state. 
  • You have recurrent headaches. Dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, and spine/neck misalignment can all contribute to the occurrence of headaches. Your chiropractor can realign the spine and neck area to decrease the frequency and intensity of your headaches. 
  • You sit for extended periods of time. More people than ever before are working from home, and they may find themselves sitting at a desk for several hours throughout the day. Hunching your posture over the keyboard or not having sufficient support in the chair can start to create problems and discomfort. For example, a herniated disc often develops after having poor posture for a long amount of time. 
  • You were recently in a car accident. Minor fender bends to serious collisions can create problems of the neck, head, and spine. Whiplash in particular is a common condition that stems from a car accident. The body can sustain injury from the force of impact. If you were in a vehicle collision recently, it can make a big difference in your recovery to be seen by a chiropractor. 
  • You have sharp pains in your leg. Pain in the leg that is a sharp sensation can be a symptom of a pinched nerve. Your chiropractor can examine you and relieve pressure on that nerve by performing an adjustment. 
  • Your range of motion is stiff. A limited range of movement is another reason to visit a chiropractor. The inflexibility could be due to misalignments of joints and bones, which a chiropractor has experience treating.

Who Can Receive Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to pain, but it’s also not limited to a particular set of individuals. If you are experiencing pain, it may help to have a chiropractor evaluate your situation. Who can receive chiropractic treatment?


Nobody is too young to receive chiropractic treatment. After your baby has gone through the birth canal, he or she could have some alignment issues that need straightening out. Chiropractic care for babies does look different than it would look for you, with chiropractors being particularly soft and gentle. The same adjustments and manipulations are not used on babies, but those tiny humans do experience the same relief that comes from chiropractic treatment.


Kids are rough on their bodies and sometimes don’t even realize it. Whether your child was recently injured or has simply been experiencing growing pains, it could help to visit with a chiropractor. 


Teenagers are involved in many things that could put their bodies out of alignment. Many teens are involved in one or more sports, and those sports can be hard on their growing bodies. While contact sports are most likely going to be the culprit of injuries and pain, even something as mild as tennis could make a teen feel pain in the shoulder and the back. Some teens experience chiropractic treatment to keep them limber for everyday activities and to prevent injuries during sports.

Adults and the Elderly

Because there are so many conditions a chiropractor can treat, there is no limit on age when it comes to who can receive chiropractic care. Women who are pregnant or recently birthed a baby, men who work hard, and elderly individuals looking for relief from their aging bodies are all candidates for chiropractic care.

Recovering Surgery Patients

You shouldn’t seek chiropractic care after surgery if your doctor has specifically told you not to. In most cases, there’s a waiting period so your body can heal to a certain point before adjustments are made. After you have waited, you can often seek chiropractic treatment to aid in the recovery process. Even if you received back or neck surgery, you can seek chiropractic care after you have recovered to that specified point. You should speak with both your surgeon and your chiropractor to make sure all safety precautions are taken.

Scheduling Your Chiropractic Appointment

While there are limitations to everything in life, there’s a big possibility you could be a candidate for chiropractic care. Contact a chiropractor to schedule an evaluation today.

Call Our Office for Help

Aches, pains, and discomfort of the body can eventually impact mental health. We encourage those who are experiencing body discomfort to come in for a consultation and potential treatment. If you would like to find out how chiropractic treatments can help with your condition, contact AmeriWell Clinics to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Rockville, Maryland today.