5 Injuries in DC Car Crash


In the late morning hours of April 28th, 2022 a car struck a Capitol Hill hotel. There were 5 occupants in the car. Four people were claimed to have had minor injuries with one other having more serious injuries. The reasoning for the crash was not stated as evidence was still needing to be gathered as well as any surveillance video needed to be recovered. The hotel is said to be a 4-star rated hotel and sustained damage to glass as well as the lobby area. However, it was stated at the scene by the fire department that the building was not in danger to have any damage to the support of the structure.



Accidents happen for many reasons and reasoning was not given in this accident by police or observers at the scene. Faulty vehicle equipment like brakes or other issues could be to blame as well as driver error. Other drivers on the road could’ve contributed to the accident as well. The reality though is that numerous accidents happen on a daily basis involving vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. One of the leading causes of these accidents is negligence by a driver or other vehicle driver on the road. While this may not have been the case in this incident there is no doubt that human error and negligence are major causes of accidents.

Accident Injuries

When injuries are received from an accident it’s important to first visit a doctor. A doctor can diagnose any potential injuries that may have come from the crash. Injuries will vary from minor to severe and may include broken bones, bleeding, muscle tears, bruising, and other issues. Injuries can be a nuisance to heal from and in some cases can remain in people’s lives permanently. That is why it is important to give yourself the greatest chance possible of recovery and pain reduction by getting additional care for the injuries. Many people turn to extra care from a specially trained physical therapist or another medical professional to restore function to their bodies that have been affected by the accident.

Physical Therapy for Injuries

When these injuries are confirmed by a doctor the next step is how to recover from them. In some cases, it may be required or advised to go to physical therapy. Physical therapy can help bring range of motion back to areas that have been affected by the accident. Pain alleviation is also something that can be assisted by physical therapy in Falls Church, VA from AmeriWell Clinics. Physical therapists will come up with a detailed plan that includes different exercises, stretching, and other positive functions to help heal and restore the body. These therapists have helped restore many people back to their full functionality as they were before the accident. While this restoration will not happen overnight it is nice to know that it is entirely possible in many cases.




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