Chiropractor Takoma Park, MD

Skilled chiropractors can treat patients of all ages and who have a wide variety of conditions and physical problems. If you are pregnant, your body has gone through significant changes and strain, so you’re bound to feel your share of aches and pains. You may be considering a visit to the chiropractor. You shouldn’t have any concerns about doing this, even leading up to the weeks before your delivery date.

Benefits of chiropractic treatment for expectant mothers

Pregnancy can take a toll on any woman’s body. During these nine months periods, you may develop health conditions and other physical ailments. Chiropractic work can be helpful for pregnant women who are struggling with back, neck, shoulder, arm or leg pain. Chiropractic adjustments may also realign the pelvis. Some patients say the treatments made their labor and delivery go faster. It’s possible that chiropractic care can help ward off feelings of nausea and promote good overall health for the mother while the baby develops in her womb.

Customization for the Patient

Experienced chiropractors who specialize in helping pregnant patients will cater the treatments and adjustments to your needs. For example, the professional will be gentler and can use less pressure. The chiropractor may also include a pillow or cushion in the treatment so you can feel more comfortable and at ease. Chiropractors can also adjust the table, if necessary, to accommodate you or even have you lie down on a cushion to help you feel better. Don’t worry, the chiropractor won’t put any pressure on your abdomen either.

Your Visits

The first appointment with the chiropractor will include a thorough review of your health history and how you’re currently feeling. This is a good time to share any concerns you may have or ask questions about the treatments. Your chiropractor in Takoma Park, MD from AmeriWell Clinics will give you a physical and will take X-rays of your spine, pelvis and other areas. These assessments will help determine how often you should come into the office, how long your appointments will be and how close to your delivery date you’ll need treatment and care.

The chiropractic staff will place the highest priority on your safety as well as the well-being of your baby. There is nothing to suggest chiropractic work is unsafe for a pregnant woman. Though it’s important to be careful about what treatments you seek, rest assured that chiropractic care is safe and can be effective for you as you get closer to delivering your baby.