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Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Whether it’s due to a car accident or recent surgery, knee pain can be quite debilitating. It can be extremely painful and make it difficult to accomplish the simplest tasks. Your doctor may have suggested going to physical therapy Capitol Heights, MD clinic, AmeriWell, has to offer. The idea of moving your knees around when they already hurt seems impossible, but it can actually help you get better quicker. Here’s some further information regarding physical therapy in Capitol Heights, MD for knee injuries.

What to Expect During the First Session

It’s normal to feel a little nervous before your first Capitol Heights, MD physical therapy session. You’ve never been to this kind of therapy in the past and aren’t sure of what to expect. During your first session, your physical therapist will ask you questions about how you acquired your knee pain and your medical history in general. Then, he or she will take a look at your leg and check to see how your knee bends and straightens. 

Your physical therapist will also see if you have pain in your knee and whether or not you have trouble with balance. He or she may ask you to balance or hop on one leg or walk on a treadmill to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

What to Expect from Future Physical Therapy Capitol Heights, MD Sessions

Once your physical therapist figures out the extent of your knee problem, he or she will create a custom treatment plan. The goal of the treatment will be to significantly decrease your pain and rebuild strength and flexibility in your knee. He or she will show you how to perform several different strength training exercises for your knees, such as step-ups, wall squats, straight leg lifts, and single leg dips. Your physical therapist Capitol Heights, MD  provides will want you to perform these exercises on your own at home several days a week.

Once your knees become stronger, your physical therapist may recommend adding weights to your exercises. However, if something hurts, you should stop doing it immediately and inform your physical therapist.

It’s normal to feel a little sore after a session for physical therapy Capitol Heights, MD residents know and prefer. Just take it easy and refrain from strenuous activities for a few days. You may be able to take over-the-counter pain relievers to get some relief from the soreness.

How Long it Takes to Recover from Knee Pain

Everyone is different. How long you take to recover from your knee pain will depend on different factors, such as how bad the pain is and how you acquired it. Your physical therapist will take all the factors into account and decide how long you should go to therapy. You may just need a few or sessions or have to go for six weeks or longer. As long as you stick with your treatment plan and listen to your physical therapist’s instructions, you should be able to feel better soon.

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Capitol Heights, MD Physical Therapist to Help With Your Injury Legal Claim

When you are injured in some way because of someone else’s negligence, one of the first thoughts causing you stress is likely: who will be paying these bills? Whether it’s a car accident, a burn injury, a slip and fall, or even a dog bite, you want to know that you will not get stuck paying the expenses for an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

What can you do, though? Is there any way that your Capitol Heights, MD physical therapist can help you with the legal aspect of your personal injury accident? The physical therapists at AmeriWell Clinics have many clients who have suffered from some type of personal injury accident, and they support their clients’ rights to sue the person who acted negligently. So, how can we help?


Depending on the type of accident you were in and the injuries you suffered from, you may have injured your spine, neck, or back. When this is the case, seeing a Capitol Heights, MD physical therapist may be the best way you can heal your injuries without costly surgeries or heavy doses of medicine. When you work with our physical therapists, you know you are working with a team who understands personal injuries and who can help you with your legal claim. 

When you file a lawsuit, you need to provide substantial evidence that proves the accident was not your fault and that you suffered from injuries as a direct result of the accident. It is imperative that you speak openly with your physical therapist to let them know why you are there and how you became injured. The medical records your Capitol Heights, MD physical therapist can provide you with are essential to your case and can prove that treatment is necessary for your injuries.

How do I receive compensation?

When you and your attorney discuss compensation for your injuries, you want to outline the ways you were injured by the defendant and why you believe they are worth a certain monetary value. So, when you visit a physical therapist in Capitol Heights, MD, you need to show the jury that the medical expenses associated with your treatment are legitimate. The medical records your physical therapist can provide you will show what your condition was when you came into their office, what their treatment plan is, and what the cost of the treatment is. Many people do not always see physical therapy as an essential form of medical treatment, so having all of the necessary documentation will help bolster your argument.  

To see how the physical therapist Capitol Heights, MD accident victims recommend from AmeriWell Clinics can help with your treatment as well as your legal case, please call our office now.


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