Chiropractic Gaithersburg Maryland

Chiropractic in Gaithersburg Maryland has made great strides in the last couple of decades, with studies demonstrating its effectiveness for certain types of pain. However, some doctors and members of the general public may still regard it with skepticism because they do not understand the role that chiropractic is supposed to play in one’s health and wellness regimen.

Chiropractic treatment is not a cure-all, and no chiropractor should claim otherwise. Rather, it should be used as a complement to conventional medicine.

Alternative Versus Complementary

There is a lot of confusion about the terms of alternative medicine and complementary medicine. The confusion stems partly from the fact that the same treatment may be either complementary or alternative. The difference is in how the patient uses the treatment.

Alternative medicine refers to a practice not considered part of the mainstream that the patient uses in place of conventional medicine. For example, if a patient went to see a chiropractor in lieu of seeing a doctor for back pain or other conditions, that would be an alternative form of treatment.

Complementary medicine involves conventional medicine and non-mainstream practices used together in the hopes of achieving an optimal result. One treatment is not used to the exclusion of the other. A patient may receive conventional treatment from a medical doctor while concurrently seeing a chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD clients recommend for pain of the spine.

Doctors and Chiropractors

Doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors both have a responsibility to recommend treatments to patients that they believe will be most effective. Therefore, if a chiropractor diagnoses or suspects a condition that would likely respond better to conventional medical treatment, he or she must tell the patient so. Similarly, if a medical doctor believes that a patient would benefit from chiropractic care, he or she may discuss the option with the patient. If the patient is willing to try a course of Gaithersburg Maryland chiropractic treatment, the doctor can refer the patient to a chiropractor.

Integrative Health Care

A patient may seek out complementary medical treatment independently. However, when a health care professional coordinates both conventional care and non-mainstream practices like chiropractic for a patient in Gaithersburg Maryland, it is known as integrative health care. An integrative approach to health care and wellness often focuses on the patient from a holistic perspective; that is, treating the whole person rather than a single symptomatic system.

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