Chiropractic Treatment Riverdale, MD

Chiropractic Treatment Riverdale, MD

Chiropractic treatment in Riverdale, MD has become one of the go-to methods of treatment for people who are suffering from pain, inflammation, stiffness, or misalignment in the spine or neck. In addition to these common symptoms, this treatment can assist in other medical conditions such as digestive problems, jaw pain, chronic headaches, and even allergies. What was once not covered by insurance, chiropractic treatment in Riverdale, Maryland tends to be included in most policies. This type of care is now recognized as being safe and effective for people of all ages.

Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care?

It is common for people to compare chiropractic care and physical therapy. Instead of this, we recommend to think of both as complementary therapies. In other words, while both help to reduce pain and inflammation, there are differences. At AmeriWell Clinics, we often advise our patients to be seen by our chiropractor and physical therapist for optimal relief.

The Benefits of Riverdale, MD Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractor does more than readjust the neck and back. Even people who are not in actual pain often benefit from having an adjustment every now and then! Some benefits of scheduling an appointment at AmeriWell Clinics, include:

Pain is Reduced

At least 50 percent of American adults suffer from acute or chronic back pain. For many of these people, the pain is ongoing. Walking, standing, sitting, sleeping, or doing activities might be very difficult. Unfortunately, some people will rely on painkillers. This could potentially lead to another issue – addiction. This problem might exacerbate the situation as a whole which is why a chiropractor Riverdale, Maryland has to offer will not prescribe these medications. Rather, at our clinic we strive to treat every patient through natural methods, including chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. At times we might recommend supplements, lifestyle changes, and other complementary therapies.

The Source of the Problem is Identified

Chiropractic treatment is not a cure all for every symptom or condition. However, it is typically beneficial for ailments associated with the back, neck, spine, and nervous system. This is because the nerves of the nervous system run through the spine. When a spinal misalignment exists, it can affect the nervous system. Most adults do suffer from some kind of misalignment, even if they have no pain! Anything that the nervous system is responsible for, such as controlling the breath and movement, could be imparied by a spinal misalignment. This is why nearly everyone will benefit from chiropractic treatment in Riverdale, MD.

Medication is Generally Not Prescribed

There are benefits to medications; however, they are generally not something that should be relied on (exceptions do apply). Pain medications in particular should be prescribed only when needed, and for short periods of time. Even though they reduce the symptoms of pain, they are not treating the cause. Moreover, the risk of addiction is very high. A chiropractor will not prescribe painkillers; rather, he or she will aim to treat the underlying cause of the pain. Herbal supplements, vitamins, or over the counter anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen) may be recommended.

Chiropractic Treatment Compliments Other Treatments

Chiropractic treatment in Riverdale, MD offers a number of benefits; however, to maximize healing efforts, complementary treatments may be suggested. Physical therapy, massage, electrical stimulation, yoga, or exercise are various methods that can assist in easing the conditions that are being treated.

Personalized Care

Chiropractic care is not a one size fits all type of treatment. What works for one person might not for the other. At our clinic, we will listen to your needs and help you to understand what will be right for you.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for chiropractic treatment in Riverdale, MD, please call AmeriWell Clinics.