Chiropractics: When Bicycle Accident Victims Need Treatment

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Riding a bicycle has become an increasingly preferred method of travel for many people. Bicyclists are practicing being eco-friendly, in addition to saving quite a bit in their pocketbook on costs for gas. But unfortunately, far too often do they become the victim of a bicycle accident. Car drivers who may be speeding to and from in a rush, may not see a bicyclist sharing the road or crossing during a right-of-way. The injuries associated with a bicycle accident can be painful, costly, and require long-term treatment.

A treatment approach bicyclists may want to consider after being clipped by a car, is chiropractic medicine. A chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Gaithersburg, MD, may be able to offer a more in-depth approach to treatment, compared to their personal physician. Before scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor, a bicyclist may have questions similar to the following:

What is the overall concept of chiropractics?

Chiropractors focus on treating patients who have injuries or conditions related to the neuromusculoskeletal system, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and nerves. A chiropractor uses spinal and joint adjustments to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and kick start the body into healing itself naturally.

The overall concept of chiropractics is that the body is one large system, that is all connected to each other. During a treatment, a chiropractor often begins with realigning the spinal cord since that is the core of our nervous system. Then, the chiropractor can move on to addressing other areas of the body that are experiencing discomfort.

What if I have neck and back pain?

When a person is hit by a car, their body may be thrown out of proper alignment, potentially causing neck and back pain. Even mild bicycle accidents can cause injuries, such as whiplash or a ruptured disc. A chiropractor can evaluate, diagnose and perform an adjustment of the spine to alleviate tension and activate the neck muscles. Once the neck is in the right position in correlation to the spine, blood flow and transportation of nutrients can be adequately distributed throughout the injured area. A chiropractor may also use soft tissue therapy to lessen soreness through gentle exercises, stretching, and proper posture.

Can a chiropractor treat other injuries?

Yes, a chiropractor can treat numbness, tingling, muscle and ligament tears, muscle aches, knee pain, and more. If the pelvis or hips were misaligned due to the accident, it can lead to knee pain because more pressure is being put on these joints to support the upper half of the body. A bicyclist may experience numbness and tingling due to joint pressure or compressed spinal discs. A conventional doctor may treat muscle aches by prescribing the bicyclist painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory medication. However, this may only work short-term, since the root of the problem is not being directly addressed.

Are there any legal benefits to seeing a chiropractor?

If you were hit by a driver who was at fault for the accident, then you may decide to file a lawsuit for financial compensation. Having records from a chiropractor regarding exams, treatments and future care, can support your injury claim.

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