Crash Left One Dead And Two Injured

In April 2023, tragedy struck near Falls Church, VA. In Seven Corners, VA, a crash occurred at Arlington Boulevard and Patrick Henry Drive at about 1:10 a.m. on a Friday. According to local law enforcement, an eastbound 2016 Honda Accord in a far-left lane came into impact with a 2018 Honda Civic while the driver in the Honda Civic attempted a U-turn from the right lane.

Christina Hamilton, who’s believed to be the Honda Civic driver, was taken to the hospital and was later pronounced dead on the scene. Meanwhile, the driver and the passenger of the Honda Accord were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The police have found no evidence to suggest that drugs, alcohol, or speeding caused or contributed to the crash.

Following the accident, Arlington Boulevard had to be temporarily closed, but it was then later reopened after the morning’s rush hour traffic ended.

Unfortunately, even with vehicles today being far safer than they were even a few years ago, accidents still occur. Sometimes it’s due to a driver’s extreme negligence, but even making a small mistake or oversight may also lead to a car accident. While the Honda Accord driver and passenger didn’t have any life-threatening injuries, it’s possible that they may need help recovering for months or even years later.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Following A Car Accident

There are a few ways chiropractic care can help following a car accident:

  • Identifying missed injuries: Some injuries aren’t fully present after a car accident and may still be hidden for days or weeks later. When being rushed to the hospital, it’s even possible for medical caregivers to miss some injuries as they may only look for life-threatening ones. Injuries like whiplash, misalignments, or soft tissue damage may often not be life-threatening, but they can diminish a person’s quality of life.
  • Improving mobility and flexibility: Following an injury of any magnitude, it’s possible that a patient may find they’re less flexible or can’t move around as much as they could prior. Sometimes, this reduced mobility and flexibility go away on their own. However, chiropractic care might be necessary to speed up or ensure the process.
  • Can help complement other forms of care: Chiropractic care doesn’t need to be a substitute for other forms of care. Instead, chiropractic care can often complement physical therapy and surgeries. However, chiropractic care can also help a patient needing invasive surgeries.
  • Legal documentation: Following a car crash due to another person’s negligence, it’s within your legal rights to seek compensation. Receiving chiropractic care not only can help improve your physical health but it can also provide documentation you can use to build your case. When applicable, your chiropractor may also be able to provide expert testimony.

Unfortunately, car accidents are common, and even when someone survives, they may still have a long road to recovery. A Falls Church, VA back pain chiropractor from our AmeriWell Clinics team provides assistance to car crash victims when you call us today!