Electrical Stimulation of The Nerves Treatment Silver Spring, MD

Electrical Stimulation of The Nerves Treatment Silver Spring, MD

When you have been dealing with chronic pain, you may be looking into treatment options like electrical stimulation of the nerves treatment Silver Spring, MD offers from AmeriWell Clinics. Most often when people think of electrical stimulation they do not necessarily think of it as an option to help take the pain away. However, many chiropractors use this as a completely safe option and part of an even bigger treatment plan when someone is dealing with nerve pain. Are you interested in learning more? Give our office a call to see how we can help you.

What does electrical stimulation do for my nerves? 

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, electrical stimulation can help. When you go to your chiropractor’s office, do not hesitate to ask them more about what kinds of machines they use for this kind of treatment, how long you will need treatment, and how it helps to reduce your pain. Typically, an electrical stimulation machine is used to send an electrical current through different areas of your body. It can be used:

  • Directly on top of the area of pain
  • Near the area of pain
  • Over the nerve that is causing you to have pain

When you work with a trained and licensed chiropractor Silver Spring, MD trusts, you are getting someone who will know how to properly handle these machines and know which setting it needs to be on.

Can this treatment be used with other treatments? 

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to take a well-rounded approach to treatment so that they are attacking the pain from multiple fronts. For example, you may wish to incorporate physical therapy, massages, and chiropractic care into your life, or some mixture of these.

Can I get an electrical stimulation machine and use it on my own? 

We discourage patients from trying to use any machines on their own. Your chiropractor is going to have the necessary training to understand how to operate these machines and know what is safest for you and your body. Our goal is to make you healthier and serious complications could arise if you are seeing someone who does not know how to use these machines or if you try to do this on your own.

Are you interested in learning more about electrical stimulation therapy to help get rid of your pain? Reach out to AmeriWell Clinics to speak with us about Silver Spring, Maryland electrical stimulation of the nerves treatment now.