Chiropractor Back Pain Falls Church, VA

The Washington and Old Dominion Trail, otherwise known as the W&OD trail spans the length of forty-five miles throughout Northern Virginia. Known for its smooth, paved ride, this beautiful trail is encompassed by trees and is home to many woodland creatures. Squirrels, horses, snakes, rabbits, and frogs have all been spotted on the W&OD trail making it the perfect ride for nature lovers. Due to its length of mileage and nine-foot wide size, this trail sees many cyclists, runners, horseback riders, and leisurely dog walkers. All ages enjoy this trail, from young elementary-aged students on the way home from school to advanced, aged bikers. Even though the Washington & Old Dominion Trail has a painted yellow center line, many accidents still take place on the trail, making it a potentially dangerous place for bikers, walkers, and runners. Accidents are occurring so frequently that the police in Falls Church are increasing their presence on the W&OD trail. Following a severe collision between a jogger and a cyclist in the Falls Church area of the trail, Police Chief Mary Gavin made an announcement. In addition to stepping up their presence on the W&OF trail, the officers on bicycles and motorcycles will be stationed to educate the public on traffic safety and enforce park and traffic laws. 

An accident that takes place on the W&OD trail, or any trail for that matter can have serious, complications for the injured victim. Whether the collision occurs between a bicycle, runner, motorcyclist, or horse, the implications may be long-term and devastating. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible is crucial to assessing the injuries. Even if an injured victim appears unharmed, they could be suffering from internal bleeding or a concussion. In either case, medical attention is still beneficial. After the initial assessment from a nurse or physician, the injured victim may still experience residual side effects such as soreness, loss of mobility, and pain. In this event, he or she should contact a trusted back pain chiropractor in Falls Church.  

Many patients who are recovering from an injury such as those found on the W&OD trail find relief from their pain with the high-quality and non-invasive care they receive at AmeriWell Clinics. Victims of biking, jogging, walking, or another type of accident often experience back pain as a result of their collision. If the neck, spine, and back are misaligned, they cannot properly function and move as they should. This is why many people seek help for their stiff or sore neck, back, and spine following an accident. Rather than trying to mask the pain through prescription medication, patients should strive to fix the root of their pain. Chiropractic treatment focuses on adjusting the body into alignment so that patients can experience relief from their pain, and fix the root of their injuries and illnesses. Seeing a chiropractor after an injury can help promote healing, and growth toward a positive, healthy lifestyle. Contact a chiropractor today and find relief from back pain and other injuries sustained in an accident.