Man Injured in Pedestrian Strike Incident

Pedestrian Injury

On May 8th of 2022, a man was struck by a vehicle while walking in Northwest Washington DC. The pedestrian who was struck was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not immediately known to the public. Police decided to close the area around the incident to begin their investigation into the details of why the incident occurred and to interview any potential witnesses. This incident occurred in the late evening time on a Sunday. At the time of the incident, no further details were given by the police to local reporters except for that the driver who struck the pedestrian did remain at the scene. 



The unfortunate reality is that many people are involved in pedestrian-related car accidents and other incidents with injuries each day. In some of those cases, it is a hit-and-run offense where the driver drives off without waiting at the scene. In this case of the incident on May 8th of 2022 in Northwest Washington DC the person who struck the pedestrian did decide to wait at the scene. If there are any positives to take from this case it is that the person waited around to give their side of the story and to possibly offer any help to investigators too. Far too often we are left with stories where the driver drove off without showing any remorse or respect for the person they hit. 


Injuries From Accidents

Accidents happen on a daily basis in a variety of different circumstances. Some of these circumstances are with malice and others are from negligent acts. When someone is injured in these incidents the injuries will vary from minor to severe. Injuries may include cuts, bruises, blood loss, broken bones, muscle tears, and a variety of other issues that may affect a person’s range of motion, mobility, and other functions they need in their daily life. Car and other vehicle-related accidents are a leading cause of injuries and these injuries may require surgery or physical therapy to help heal and restore. 


How Physical Therapy Can Help

After a car accident where a person has been injured or is suffering from pain, they may wish to seek out physical therapy. A physical therapist in Falls Church, VA from AmeriWell Clinics is specially trained to administer physical therapy to patients who have been injured as the result of a car accident or other incident. Physical therapy can be the difference between healing quicker and fuller rather than attempting to heal by one’s self where one’s restoration to full functionality may be slower and unsuccessful. A physical therapist will administer their routine and come up with a regimen that will bring back range of motion to muscles or limbs that have been affected by the car accident. Physical therapy also helps to alleviate pain from parts of the body that are hurting after the accident which a physical therapist can assist with.