DC Car Accident Injury

A person was injured in a car accident on Monday, February 7th, 2022 in downtown Washington DC. The accident involved 2 different motor vehicles as well as a hotel. The vehicles collided with one another and also collided with a structural column of a hotel. The accident was quite violent and caused substantial damage to both vehicles. One adult female needed to be transported to the hospital for serious injuries, DC authorities reported at the scene. The hotel was not thought to be compromised structurally due to the accident.  

Car Accident Injuries

Accidents happen daily and from many different sources under numerous different circumstances. Car accidents are one of the most common forms of accidents and happen to thousands of people each day. Injuries may be received from these accidents too. Injuries will vary from situation to situation but may result in a person having broken bones, internal bleeding, bruising, cuts, muscle tears, ligament damage, spinal injuries, neck injuries, and more. A visit to the hospital may be required to fully understand the scope of the injuries received and to get a proper diagnosis. Once these injuries have been reviewed and diagnosed a plan or advisement from a medical professional about the recovery process can then begin. 

Recovering From Car Accident-Related Injuries

Recovering from injuries can be a lengthy and difficult process to undergo. A lot of times patience and diligence are key to a full recovery. Having a professional by your side often can help accelerate this process too and give people a better chance at restoring function and alleviating pain after an accident injury. There are many different medical professionals who can assist with the recovery process but one of the most sought after are physical therapists. Physical therapists are specially trained in the school and thought of physical therapy. They, of course, are also trained and skilled in the practice of physical therapy too. 

Physical Therapy in the Washington DC Area

Physical therapy is a great way to help restore function after an accident. People may receive injuries that affect their range of motion and mobility from the accident. A physical therapist is specially trained to assist people with these types of hindrances. Physical therapy will see the person given a detailed exercise regimen that will strengthen areas of the body that have been affected through guided and well-instructed physical therapy exercises. A physical therapist will also be able to track progress and make any adjustments along the way if they are needed. Many people oftentimes get agitated and lose patience when they attempt to recover fully on their own. That is why it is recommended to go to a professional to have a greater chance of recovering and restoring from these injuries. Their experience and skill can be a vital strength and source for recovery. Seek out physical therapy in Falls Church, VA today from AmeriWell Clinics for the help and assistance you deserve and need.