Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Maryland Higher Education Commission is reviewing a physical therapy program proposal from Stevenson University. The proposal has been reviewed twice before, and both times the commission voted against it. This time, the commission is meeting to decide whether to approve the proposal despite objections from other universities.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the University of Maryland Baltimore have both argued that the Stevenson program would be duplicative of their own programs and would harm their ability to recruit students and faculty. The commission has also received a letter from a group of historically Black colleges and universities asking for a moratorium on new program approvals until a legislative work group has completed its review of the state’s degree approval process.

Despite these objections, Stevenson University has decided to proceed with its proposal. The university’s president has argued that the state has a need for more physical therapists and that the Stevenson program would be high-quality.

The commission is expected to issue a written decision on the Stevenson proposal within 10 business days. The commission’s new chair has said that the commission’s voting procedure will change in the future, with decision letters stating the vote total, the rationale for the decision, and who supported and opposed the proposal.

Physical Therapy For Your Back Pain

Physical therapy is a highly effective treatment for back pain. It can help to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen the muscles that support the spine. A Rockville, MD back pain doctor can also teach patients how to manage their back pain and prevent future injuries.

There are many different types of physical therapy treatments that can be used to treat back pain. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • Exercise: Exercise is an essential part of most physical therapy programs for back pain. Physical therapists can teach patients specific exercises to help improve their range of motion, strength, and flexibility.
  • Manual therapy: Manual therapy is a hands-on approach to physical therapy that can be used to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Physical therapists may use a variety of manual therapy techniques, such as massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation.
  • Modalities: Modalities are physical agents, such as heat, ice, and electrical stimulation, that can be used to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Education: Physical therapists can also teach patients about back pain and how to manage it. This may include teaching patients how to perform exercises at home, how to modify their activities to avoid pain, and how to use proper body mechanics.

Physical therapy can be very effective for treating back pain. In fact, many studies have shown that physical therapy is just as effective as medication or surgery for treating back pain.

If you are considering physical therapy for back pain, be sure to give AmeriWell Clinics a call to set up an appointment. Physical therapy is a safe and effective treatment for most people with back pain. When you are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call to see how we can help you.