A cyclist was killed following a car accident in Wheaton, Montgomery County police reported. 19-year-old William Villavivencio was traveling on Georgia Avenue on his bicycle when he was struck by a car. He was later rushed to a hospital where he later died from his injuries. The driver who struck him did not stop to render aid and fled the scene, which prompted a search by police. The driver was accompanied by other passengers. Police believe the vehicle is dark red or a maroon color, and was missing a bumper as well as a mirror on the right side. 

The family of the deceased cyclist appealed to the public and called for justice. They said that Villavivencio was on his way home from work before he was struck by the car. Investigators were looking for three suspects that they believe to be teenagers. 

Hit and runs are all too common along busy streets, especially for cyclists. The fatality was just one of many recent accidents that have occurred in Montgomery County. Accidents involving cyclists and cars happen all too often. When people are not being cautious on the road, it can lead to innocent victims getting hurt. One thing that helps many accident victims in their recovery is chiropractic treatment. 

Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic practices and treatments are based on the principles of holistic care, emphasizing that the body’s ability to heal and recover rests on a functional nervous system. When your nervous system is affected, it can cause the body to become out of balance, resulting in issues like chronic pain, aching muscles, and other symptoms. A chiropractor has in-depth knowledge of the muscles, bones, and nervous system, and the specific conditions and injuries that can affect it. By targeting the localized parts of the body that are not functioning well, a chiropractor can correct any health problems by making small adjustments. 

If you have been injured in an accident and have suffered injuries, chiropractic care could play a major role in your recovery. You may even be able to speed up your recovery and heal much faster. Getting chiropractic treatment can allow you to regain your strength gradually and in a safe, natural manner without resorting to strong prescriptions and risky surgical procedures. Before you decide to undergo surgery or another major treatment option, considering chiropractic care is recommended because it is much less costly than surgery and poses a reduced risk of any complications and side effects occurring. 

Why See a Chiropractor

A chiropractor has a different approach to treatment than other types of medical professionals. They do not administer drugs or use surgical methods that involve cutting into your body to alleviate your pain. A Wheaton, MD chiropractor like one at AmeriWell Clinics employs natural methods of healing and treatment, identifying areas in your body that are not functioning as well as they should. If you have been in a vehicle collision and have been experiencing any sort of pain or have limited range of motion lingering since the event, seeing a chiropractor can greatly benefit you. Consult a qualified chiropractor in your area now if you are experiencing pain from a recent accident injury.