Three People Sustained Injuries During Car Accident In Virginia Beach

On Sept. 29, three people got hurt in a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Ferrell Parkway and Indian River Road.

The police said that two people were trapped in the car and had to be removed. Those two individuals and another person were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Reasons To See A Physical Therapist After A Car Accident

Following a vehicle collision, many individuals tend to focus on the immediate physical injuries they can see and feel. However, seeking the expertise of a physical therapist can be crucial for several reasons that may not be immediately apparent. These professionals play a huge role in the recovery process and can greatly improve your overall well-being following a car accident.

  • Hidden Injuries: Not all injuries from a car accident are visible or immediately painful. Soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, may not manifest symptoms until days or weeks after the incident. A Falls Church, VA physical therapist, like one from AmeriWell can detect and address these hidden injuries before they worsen.
  • Pain Management: Car accidents often result in pain, and physical therapists are skilled in developing personalized pain management plans. They can utilize various techniques such as manual therapy, exercises, and modalities to alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Preventing Long-Term Complications: Ignoring minor injuries or discomfort after a car accident can lead to long-term complications. Physical therapists can assess your condition and provide interventions to prevent these issues from developing into chronic conditions.
  • Restoring Mobility: Car accidents can limit your mobility due to injuries or post-accident fear. Physical therapists can design rehabilitation programs to help you regain your mobility and get back to your daily activities.
  • Strengthening Muscles: Injuries often result in weakened muscles. Physical therapists can develop exercises that target specific muscle groups, promoting strength and stability and reducing the risk of future injuries.
  • Improving Posture: Car accidents can hurt your posture, leading to pain and discomfort. Physical therapists can address posture issues through exercises and adjustments, reducing strain on your body.
  • Rehabilitation After Surgery: If your car accident injuries require surgery, a physical therapist will be an essential part of your post-operative recovery team. They can guide you through a rehabilitation program to ensure a smooth recovery.
  • Psychological Support: Car accidents can be traumatic, leading to emotional distress and anxiety. Physical therapists can provide support and coping strategies to address the psychological impact of the accident.
  • Preventing Secondary Injuries: Compensation mechanisms, where one part of your body overcompensates for an injured area, can cause secondary injuries. Physical therapists can address these issues and help prevent them through targeted treatments.

Seeking the expertise of a physical therapist after a car accident is a wise decision, even if you do not immediately feel severe pain or notice visible injuries. By addressing these aspects of recovery, you can ensure a smoother and more complete healing process, letting you regain your quality of life after a car accident.

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