A chiropractor is a healthcare professional that specializes in diagnosing and treating issues that affect the musculoskeletal system. This includes injuries, diseases, and other conditions that have to do with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Many people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, or nerve pain can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. They can also treat headaches, help you lose weight, and treat other types of chronic or acute pain. 

How long do I need to see a chiropractor?

The length of time that you need to see a chiropractor varies depending on the type of conditions that you have and its severity. A qualified and knowledgeable chiropractor is capable of treating a variety of symptoms, from sore muscles, pinched nerves, inflammation and more. Typically a chiropractor might begin with a few sessions, and gradually increase them if you need more advanced treatment. It is normal to not notice any immediate significant improvements in your symptoms, but many patients report feeling a reduction in pain after their first session. 

Do spinal adjustments hurt?

A spinal adjustment or manipulation is what many people often think of when they think of a chiropractor. They associate the idea of chiropractic care with cracking bones. However, a chiropractor does not crack bones, because the cracking sound is just the sound of gas bubbles trapped in the joints getting released. While adjustments can be initially uncomfortable, they do not hurt when they are properly done. 

Can chiropractors treat sports injuries? 

A chiropractor can treat many types of sports injuries. Common injuries that athletes sustain include knee dislocations, wrist sprains, jumper’s knee, ACL tears, and more. A chiropractor in Rockville, MD like one at AmeriWell Clinics can develop a custom treatment plan for you if you have suffered a sports injury. They will suggest exercises and therapies that can help you restore function in your affected area, strengthen your body, and also help you prevent future injuries. 

Getting treated by an experienced chiropractor in Laurel, MD at AmeriWell Clinics can help you recover from your injury, condition or improve your overall health. Whether you have an injury from a sports accident or have chronic pain due to arthritis or other type of disease, a chiropractor can explore treatment options that will be most effective for you so that you can get the meaningful relief that you need. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with a trusted chiropractor now.