Wrist Pain chiropractor Silver Spring, MD

Wrist Pain chiropractor Silver Spring, MD

Your wrist is probably not a part of the body you think about often, taking for granted just how crucial full use of our wrists are to our everyday lives. However, if you injure your wrist, that pain and frustration of not being able to use the wrist suddenly makes us realize just how important healthy wrists are! If you have injured your wrist, contact AmeriWell Clinics to meet with a wrist pain chiropractor in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Many people think chiropractors only address back pain, but the truth is that there is a myriad of conditions that chiropractic treatment can successfully treat. This is because all the parts and systems of the human body are interconnected. A misalignment in one area can cause pain and other issues in another part of the body. For example, as a Silver Spring, MD wrist pain chiropractor can explain, there are nerves that run from the back of a person’s neck, over their shoulders, and down their arms. If these nerves aren’t properly aligned, the muscles in the person’s lower arms and wrist can weaken, which will cause pain.

If a person overuses their joints, this can also trigger pain. A Silver Spring, MD wrist pain chiropractor knows that there are cases where a patient will start a new exercise program that involves activity they are not used to, such as planks or pushups. If the patient does not have wrist strength, this added stress to the wrist can cause an injury.

There are other activities that result in overuse and pain of the wrists. Many types of jobs require repetitive motions, such as computer keying, scanning items at a supermarket cash register, or working at a manufacturing assembly line. This repetitive motion can result in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, where the tunnel that protects the nerve that runs from the forearm to the palm of the hand (the median nerve) becomes squeezed up at the wrist.

A chiropractor offers treatments that can alleviate this wrist pain. The first thing a wrist chiropractor in Silver Springs, MD will do is access the patient’s neck muscles and the joints and muscles in their arm. This will help the chiropractor determine just how strong the muscles are and what needs to be adjusted.

Once that is determined, the chiropractor Silver Spring, MD families trust will manually adjust the joints in order to realign them, helping to make them healthier and stronger again. A patient who suffers from carpal tunnel can often avoid surgery because of chiropractic adjustments, which help reduce the thickening of the carpal tunnel.

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