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A Gaithersburg, Maryland back pain chiropractor knows that with summer’s arrival, many people are more active, and this often means more back pain. The following activities are some of the most popular during the summer months and also cause the most back pain.

Yard Work
The warm weather often means more time spent in our yards, but this means a lot of raking, mowing, planting, and weeding to make our yards a welcoming oasis. But all this yardwork also means that back muscles can become strained from raking or lifting bags of soil and mulch. Joints can also take a beating from kneeling for long hours weeding flower and vegetable gardens. In order to avoid back pain while doing yard work, a back pain chiropractor in Gaithersburg, MD recommends the following:

  • Make sure to take frequent breaks when planting, weeding, and other activities in order to keep your back from stiffening up.
  • When you have to lift heavy items, do not try to move these items yourself. If you are alone, use a wheelbarrow and not try to carry them alone.
  • Avoid twisting your body when digging or lifting.
  • Consider planting raised flower or vegetable beds to avoid or at least reduce the amount of bending and kneeling you will need to do.
  • If you mow your lawn using a push mower, make sure to push with your arms and legs and try keeping your back out of it.

A Gaithersburg, MD back pain chiropractor knows that many people travel and take vacations during the summer months and this often means more time in vehicles or extended time in planes, trains, and buses. But spending all these hours traveling can cause back stiffness and pain that can linger and end up ruining your vacation. If a person is going to sit for extended periods of time and the seat isn’t comfortable, consider purchasing cushions with neck and lumbar (lower back) support.

Playing Sports
Summer is a popular time for playing tennis, golf, baseball, and other sports that involve the twisting and potential strain of back muscles and body joints. Keep in mind that when you take a swing with your golf club, that force that is being exerted on your spine is equal to 10 times your body weight. Working with a golf pro or a coach can help you incorporate the right body mechanics for the sport you are playing.

Riding bikes and hiking are also two popular summer activities, but they are also activities that can result in back pain. Having the appropriate footwear and even using a walking stick while hiking can help reduce the risk of back strain. And taking frequent breaks while riding a bike is important since the body is pretty much in one position when engaged in riding.

Watching Sports
It’s not only playing sports that can cause back pain, but even watching sports can result in backaches in pain. Sitting in the same position on bleachers or other uncomfortable seats for hours at a time can trigger pressure and inflammation in the lower back. A chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD families trust recommends using a portable stadium seat when attending any kind of sporting event.

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