Back Pain Chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD

Back Pain Chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD Back Pain Chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD

When you suffer from back pain, you should seek help from a back pain chiropractor in Gaithersburg, Maryland from AmeriWell Clinics. Suffering a back injury can affect your entire body and cause long-term problems such as chronic pain and nerve damage. These types of injuries may be the result of an accident, a sports injury, or a degenerative disease that affects your spine. Back surgery may be the answer to resolving these issues, but first adding in a visit to a chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD relies on may offer you some added benefits as well.


  1. It Could Relieve Spinal Fusion Discomfort

If you have experienced spinal fusion surgery which involves fusing vertebrae in the spine with metal plates to support injured or failing discs, you may still have periods of discomfort when standing or sitting, even after the healing process is complete. Visiting a Gaithersburg, MD back pain chiropractor for periodic adjustments may help increase your range of motion and reduce post-operative pain.


  1. You Can Learn Stretching Exercises 

Chiropractic treatments are not limited to back cracking and manipulation. While these can be important for proper treatment, your back pain chiropractor in Gaithersburg may also be able to teach you stretching exercises you can use at home when you are feeling pain or discomfort. Many of these exercises can be simple to perform and may offer you relief in between chiropractic appointments.


  1. Gain Support From Your Gaithersburg, MD Back Pain Chiropractor 

Facing recovery after back surgery and regaining your strength can be daunting. However, chiropractic visits may help you build a solid support system as you work toward a complete recovery. In addition to adjustments, your chiropractor may also be able to offer other supportive solutions to reduce back pain, such as making changes to your exercise and nutrition regimens.


  1. Maintain Strength in the Grafted Area

While spinal fusions are designed to immobilize certain areas of the back that are suffering from slipped or failing discs, the muscles in that area must remain strong enough to support the surgery. A chiropractor for back pain in Maryland can focus on this area and perform adjustments that strengthen those muscles so they do not atrophy. While physical therapy may do much to accomplish this, continued exercise and manipulation at your chiropractor’s office can help keep back muscles in the fused area strong.


  1. Continued Monitoring of Spinal Issues

Once your back has healed from surgery and you complete your physical therapy, you may wonder if you are at risk for suffering from further issues or complications. Visiting a chiropractor regularly can help you take some of the guesswork out of such issues, as he or she may notice abnormalities in your spine during adjustment sessions.

Recovering from back surgery can be a challenge, especially when you continue to experience pain after healing. Call AmeriWell Clinics today to discover your treatment options with the help of a Gaithersburg, MD back pain chiropractor.