Chiropractic Adjustment Silver Spring, MD

Chiropractic Adjustment Silver Spring, MD

AmeriWell Clinics is proud to provide chiropractic adjustments in Silver Spring, MD for those in this community. We understand the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and strong, and can help patients find a relief of symptoms and aid in their injury recovery. If you are new to chiropractic care, a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD residents trust is happy to answer questions you have about what to expect during and after an appointment.

Many chiropractic articles out there focus on the treatment session itself. And while that is certainly the primary component, we may also give you information about how to care for yourself between sessions, so you can continue building your health even when away from our office. Here are just a few tips that we may suggest after receiving a Silver Spring, MD chiropractic adjustment:

Avoid Sitting For Long Periods of Time
Sitting for extended lengths of time can cause the body to become stiff and sore. Try to keep your body in motion as much as you can, as it can help your body get into the rhythm of being more active while keeping your spine in proper alignment. If you have a job that entails you sitting for hours on end, we suggest getting up and taking a brief walk around the office or stretching at least once an hour. If you have a return of symptoms, then please schedule a follow-up appointment with us for a Silver Spring chiropractic adjustment.

Keep Your Posture in Mind
When in a sitting position, make sure that your body has correct posturing. Distribute your weight on both hips evenly in the chair, keep knees bent at a right angle and even with or a little higher than your hips, and rest feet flat on the floor. While at work, adjust the chair height so you can sit closely to your laptop or work table. Also, rest your arms on the chair or desk in front of you, so your shoulders remain relaxed.

Do At-Home Stretching and Exercises
During your chiropractic adjustment in MD at AmeriWell Clinics, your chiropractor can walk you through stretches and exercises to do at-home to keep your body strong and flexible. Please be advised that overexerting yourself during this time can make your symptoms return or injury worsen, causing increased pain. Light chiropractic exercises can strengthen your core muscles, while keeping the body balanced after receiving an adjustment. Examples of good exercises may be short to long walks, stretching, and yoga.

We have seen the way that chiropractic care can make a difference in a person’s general health and injury recovery. If you are ready to try a Maryland chiropractic adjustment in Silver Spring, MD at AmeriWell Clinics, please call us right now to schedule your first free exam!