Chiropractic Treatment Silver Spring Maryland

Chiropractic Treatment Silver Spring, MD

Signs You Should Call AmeriWell Clinics for Chiropractic Treatment in Silver Spring, MD

Seeing a chiropractor can yield a number of ongoing benefits. Not only may you find immediate pain relief, but your physical and emotional well being can be improved. Many people think they should only see a chiropractor when something has gone wrong, or they are in pain. The truth is that a chiropractor can actually prevent problems from happening.

Signs You Can Benefit from Seeing a Chiropractor

You might know that a chiropractor can help you with back pain, but chiropractic treatment in Silver Spring, MD can also help with the following issues.


Headaches can be a result of dehydration, lack of oxygen, nutrient deficiencies, or a spinal misalignment. Through careful adjustments, a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD has to offer might alleviate headaches or migraines by improving blood flow and increasing the oxygen supply to your brain.

Joint or Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain is common. Rather than reaching for Ibuprofen, you should think about seeing a chiropractor. Your pain may be related to a musculoskeletal misalignment. A chiropractor can assess your spine and conduct various non-invasive tests to see whether your body is functioning as best as possible. An adjustment can increase nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles; thereby, reduce pain.

You Sit for Long Periods of Time

People who sit for a long period of time, or work in front of a computer, often suffer from hunched shoulders, poor posture, and back pain. Spinal pressure can eventually cause the discs to shift. If left untreated, it is possible for a slipped or herniated disc to occur.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most obvious indicators that chiropractic treatment in Silver Spring, MD is needed. Chronic back pain can be associated with standing, sitting, heavy lifting, an accident, sports playing, and more.

The Soles of Your Feet Are Wearing Out Differently

Take a look at the soles of your feet. Is one more worn than the other? Do they look differently? If so, this is a big sign that your body is misaligned. Even if you don’t feel any pain, there is a good chance that you will experience problems at some point in the future. A chiropractor can readjust your spine and make sure the alignment does not turn into a chronic problem.

Limited Range of Motion

If you find that you have lost flexibility or you are finding that your range of motion has been hindered, a chiropractor may be warranted. Through gentle pressure onto the spine, your body’s range of motion can be improved.

You Are Feeling a Sharp Stabbing Pain Down Your Leg

If you are feeling a sharp, shooting, or stabbing pain down one or both legs, your SI joint may be pinched. A chiropractic adjustment is one of the most effective ways to take the pressure off of the sacroiliac nerve; thereby, alleviate the discomfort and pain.

If you are ready to learn more about how chiropractic treatment in Silver Spring, MD can help you, call AmeriWell Clinics today.