Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Laurel, MD

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Laurel, MD

One of the worst ways to start your day is getting out of bed and feel that nagging lower back pain. You can’t think of anything you did that would have triggered that pain to kick in, yet there it is again greeting you as you begin your day. A Laurel, Maryland lower back pain chiropractor knows that one of the most common causes of lower back pain is sleeping positions. Many people don’t realize that the position you sleep in can have a significant impact on lower back pain.

Many of us have been sleeping in the same position for years, but as we age, the wear and tear our bodies have gone through – as well as just the normal effect aging has on our body – can make the back more at risk of pain when we keep on sleeping in these familiar positions.

When choosing a sleeping position, it is very important to make sure that your head, neck, and back are properly aligned and supported. If not, this can cause all kinds of back pain because there is stress being placed on your ligaments, muscles, and joints.

As a Laurel, MD lower back pain chiropractor can explain, each sleeping position does have an impact on your back:

  • Back sleeping: Sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep in order to eliminate back pain. This is because you are not creating any stress on your spine and you are preserving the spine’s natural alignment. You can also put a pillow between your knees for extra comfort.
  • Fetal position sleeping: This is one of the most favorite sleeping positions, with almost 50 percent of people saying they prefer curled up in this position each night. While the fetal position isn’t bad for your back, a chiropractor Laurel, MD patients trust can explain how this position can cause aches and pain in other parts of the body, especially in older people. A pillow between the legs can help alleviate hip or knee pain.
  • Side sleeping: When you sleep on your side, you reduce your risk of developing back pain, but you must alternate each side. If you always sleep on the same side, you are creating an imbalance of the muscles which can trigger back pain. It is recommended putting a pillow between your knees, too.
  • Stomach sleeping: Sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst positions for your back. This is because when you are on your stomach, you are arching your lower back, which can result in that lower back pain. You also can put a strain on your neck muscles and shoulders because of the way you are turning your head while you sleep.

If you cannot avoid sleeping on your stomach, it is recommended you put a pillow under your hips to help alleviate some of the arching of the back.

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