Back Pain Doctor Lanham, MD

Back Pain Doctor Lanham, MD

Back Pain Doctor Lanham, MDA back pain doctor Lanham, MD pain sufferers turn to is well aware of the challenges associated with back pain. You will want a plan to manage back pain and help reduce the chronic pain that you may be experiencing. While there are several treatment options, you may be able to treat back pain with chiropractic care, naturally, by avoiding the use of prescription medications. Choosing AmeriWell Clinics can assist patients by evaluating the condition and recommending the proper course of treatment. 

Managing Back Pain

Back pain can impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life; not only can daily activity be challenging, enjoying life may be a thing of the past. This is a primary reason to reach out to a professional committed to developing a treatment plan and administering treatment. Chances are, you will want to do everything in your power to achieve wellness in the least invasive way possible. Your practitioner will treat back pain by helping chiropractic adjustments, aimed at treating the root of the problem and managing the symptoms of pain you may be experiencing. 

Avoiding Prescription Medications

Many suffering from chronic back pain may turn to both over the counter and prescription medications to treat the pain or symptoms that patients may be suffering from. It’s not uncommon for a doctor to recommend the use of medication to help with pain management. While this can undoubtedly alleviate symptoms, our Lanham, MD back pain doctor shares that medications do not cause the problem to go away completely. Typically, once drugs begin to wear off, the same symptoms of pain return. It can feel as though there is no end in sight. While medication can certainly assist with managing pain, patients may become dependant. This is a primary reason so many choose our services. We provide treatments that aim to heal the body and manage symptoms without pain medications, which can be incredibly addictive. 

Choosing AmeriWell Clinics

When choosing a doctor to help manage and treat back pain, it will be critical to select an experienced practitioner to help you. When selecting a chiropractor for back pain, we offer the following:

  • Practitioners who are dedicated to providing premium treatment options to assist in healing injuries and managing symptoms. 
  • Hands-on spinal manipulations aimed to realign the body and promote healing, free from pain medications.
  • Careful assessment of your needs and treatment that is specified to your needs. 
  • Treatment that can improve functioning by reducing inflammation. 

Back pain not only has a physical impact but an emotional one as well. While pain can be excruciating, they may also present physical limitations that make daily life incredibly difficult. As conditions worsen, it could feel as though there is no end in sight, leaving a person to feel incredibly hopeless. AmeriWell Clinics is a well-established practice with experienced staff prepared to provide treatment that is accessible to those suffering pain in the Maryland area. To learn more about the services we provide, schedule an appointment with our Lanham, MD, back pain doctor today. 

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