Back Pain Doctor Lanham, MD

A back pain doctor Lanham, MD pain sufferers turn to is well aware of the challenges associated with back pain. You will want a plan to manage back pain and help reduce the chronic pain that you may be experiencing. While there are several treatment options, you may be able to treat back pain with chiropractic care, naturally, by avoiding the use of prescription medications. Choosing AmeriWell Clinics can assist patients by evaluating the condition and recommending the proper course of treatment.

Managing Back Pain

Back pain can impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life; not only can daily activity be challenging, enjoying life may be a thing of the past. This is a primary reason to reach out to a professional committed to developing a treatment plan and administering treatment. Chances are, you will want to do everything in your power to achieve wellness in the least invasive way possible. Your practitioner will treat back pain by helping with chiropractic adjustments, aimed at treating the root of the problem and managing the symptoms of pain you may be experiencing.

Avoiding Prescription Medications

Many suffering from chronic back pain may turn to both over the counter and prescription medications to treat the pain or symptoms that patients may be suffering from. It’s not uncommon for a doctor to recommend the use of medication to help with pain management. While this can undoubtedly alleviate symptoms, our Lanham, Maryland back pain doctor shares that medications do not cause the problem to go away completely. Typically, once drugs begin to wear off, the same symptoms of pain return. It can feel as though there is no end in sight. While medication can certainly assist with managing pain, patients may become dependant. This is a primary reason so many choose our services. We provide treatments that aim to heal the body and manage symptoms without pain medications, which can be incredibly addictive.

Choosing AmeriWell Clinics

When choosing a doctor to help manage and treat back pain, it will be critical to select an experienced practitioner to help you. When selecting a chiropractor for back pain, we offer the following:

  • Practitioners who are dedicated to providing premium treatment options to assist in healing injuries and managing symptoms.
  • Hands-on spinal manipulations aimed to realign the body and promote healing, free from pain medications.
  • Careful assessment of your needs and treatment that is specified to your needs.
  • Treatment that can improve functioning by reducing inflammation.

How To Prepare For Your First Chiropractic Appointment 

At AmeriWell Clinics, our chiropractors understand that when you are going to visit someone new to help you with your health problems it can be daunting and frustrating. You may be tired of gathering your medical records or repeating your problems to people over and over again. We get it. However, know that when you come to our office, we will take care of you, listen to any problems, concerns, or questions you may have, and try to make you feel as comfortable as we can. We know that getting into a new routine can sometimes be difficult. Talk with us now about scheduling your appointment and learning what you can do to prepare for your first chiropractic appointment.

Getting Ready For Your Appointment

As you are preparing to see your back pain doctor in Lanham, Maryland, there are a few things you can do to feel comfortable and confident. 

  • Bring your medical records. This may not be your first appointment with a healthcare professional. You may have been suffering from an aching back or neck for years and been to multiple medical professionals to try and get help. If this is the case, gather your medical records to bring to your first chiropractic appointment.
  • Get there early. Unless you were able to fill out any paperwork online, you will want to arrive early so that you can speak with an office manager or the receptionist and get to work filling out your medical and health history.
  • Wear the right clothes. When you stop to think about all the movements and manipulation your chiropractor will need to do, you may realize that there is actually a dress code that can keep you comfortable during your appointment! Wearing athletic wear, loungewear, or other loose clothing will help ensure your chiropractor is able to get the range of motion necessary when making adjustments.
  • Avoid watching videos online. If you are already nervous about your appointment, we suggest not watching videos online that show particularly dramatic pops or cracks. This is often for effect in the videos. It may only make you more nervous about your appointment. If you are concerned about the pops or cracks you hear, bring this up with your chiropractor. While we can’t fix the noise, we can explain the process to you and that may make you more aware of how the routine goes in our office and what to expect.

Your Questions Answered

When back pain strikes, you might have a number of questions about your symptoms, as well as what you can do to reduce them. One of the most important questions may include how you can achieve back pain relief effectively and safely. The following are some of the most common questions about back pain answered by our back pain doctor Lanham, MD has to offer. If you have further questions, please call AmeriWell Clinics today.

What Parts of the Back Are Most Susceptible to Pain?

Any part of the back can be stricken with chronic or acute pain. Within the upper back is the thoracic vertebra, discs, and nerves. In the lower back is the lumbar and sacral vertebrae and tissues. Surrounding the entire spine are muscles that can also be injured or strained.

What Are Common Causes of Acute Back Pain? 

Acute back pain typically stems from a high-impact accident, such as a car accident, slip and fall, workplace injury, or sports accident. The spinal vertebra could become dislodged, causing stiffness and inflammation or a disc might be herniated causing lower back and leg pain. Our Lanham, MD back pain doctor tends to see patients with painful muscle tears related to heavy lifting or rapid twisting of the spine.

What Are Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain? 

Chronic back pain includes pain that is ongoing. Usually, it is a result of overusing muscles or repetitive motions. Sometimes it is from degenerative changes in the joints or discs. In this case, the spine may become misaligned or nerves could be compressed. A back pain doctor is often able to alleviate these causes through careful spinal manipulation.

What Will a Spinal Adjustment Do?

There are many benefits to having a chiropractic adjustment for back pain. Through careful manipulation of the back and spine, components can be maneuvered back into the correct position. Adjustments can aid in normalizing joint motion, relieve chronic strain, reduce impingement of the nerves, improve functions of the nervous system, and reduce pain.

Can Spinal Decompression Relieve Pain?

It is possible to reduce or alleviate back pain through spinal decompression. This is a special technique that creates extra space between the vertebrae through the precise application of flexion distraction force. The vacuum-like pressure placed onto the back has the ability to pull bulging or herniated discs off, and away from, nerve roots. It also relieves stress placed on the joints and tissues.

How Can Soft Tissue Therapy Treat Low Back Pain?

Sometimes a back pain doctor will recommend soft tissue therapy, such as cold laser therapy or massage therapy. These are often beneficial for anyone with back pain, and compliment chiropractic care. Both have the ability to improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation, and promote healing from acute or chronic injuries.

Back pain not only has a physical impact but an emotional one as well. While pain can be excruciating, it may also present physical limitations that make daily life incredibly difficult. As conditions worsen, it could feel as though there is no end in sight, leaving a person to feel incredibly hopeless. AmeriWell Clinics is a well-established practice with experienced staff prepared to provide treatment that is accessible to those suffering pain in the Maryland area. To learn more about the services we provide, schedule an appointment with our Lanham, MD, back pain doctor today.

If you are ready to find relief from back pain, chiropractic care may be the right option for you. Call AmeriWell Clinics to schedule your appointment with a Lanham, MD back pain doctor today.

4 Conditions That Can Cause Back Pain

Back pain can occur for various reasons, including injuries and underlying medical conditions. Chiropractic care from a back pain doctor in Lanham, MD, at Ameriwell Clinics may be effective at treating back pain due to some of these causes. If not, we have a responsibility to refer you to someone whom we think can help you.

1. Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is pain and inflammation in the joints due to degeneration of the cartilage between the bones. Any joint in the body can experience cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis pain. When inflammation occurs in the intervertebral joints, it can result in back pain.

Spinal stenosis may be a secondary effect of osteoarthritis in the back. This is the narrowing of the space through which the spinal cord runs through the vertebrae. Arthritis may cause the formation of osteophytes, or bone spurs, within the spinal space. The abnormal excess growth may lead to spinal stenosis, a painful and potentially debilitating condition.

2. Herniated Disks

Intervertebral disks occur naturally between the bones of the spine. Small, round, flat, and flexible, they work to cushion the vertebrae. Each disk consists of a soft inner layer surrounded by a tougher, more rubbery exterior. If the exterior layer tears, the soft inner layer can leak out and put pressure on the spine, causing pain and sensory symptoms.

3. Sprains or Strains

A spinal sprain is an injury to the ligaments that bind the vertebrae to one another, while a strain is an injury to the muscles in the back. These injuries are often caused by acute trauma, such as overexertion from trying to lift something heavy or the impact of a car accident on the spine. Soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains can take a long time to heal. A back pain doctor in Lanham, MD, may be able to provide effective treatment options.

4. Osteoporotic Fractures

Osteoporosis occurs when the tissue of the bones becomes less dense, becoming more susceptible to fractures. Osteoporosis itself is not painful, but the resulting fractures usually are. In the spine, osteoporosis may cause compression fractures in which the body of the vertebra collapses on itself and loses height.

Chiropractic treatment is contraindicated for osteoporosis because spinal adjustments may damage the delicate bones. However, you can come to Ameriwell Clinics for an evaluation and X-rays. Even if we cannot treat your condition, we may be able to diagnose it and then refer you to a doctor who is able to recommend treatment options.

3 Causes of Back Pain

Back pain refers to the acute or chronic stabbing, shooting, or burning pain in the upper or lower portions of the back. This pain can sometimes radiate to the shoulders, arms, and legs, further preventing the person experiencing the pain from comfortably performing everyday tasks.

Some ways to manage back pain include taking pain relievers such as ibuprofen, using hot or cold compressors, and visiting a back pain doctor in Lanham, MD. However, it is good to know some of the causes of back pain to prevent this issue in the first place. Here are three causes of back pain.

1. Heavy Lifting

Back pain can be caused by regularly lifting heavy objects, whether from carrying boxes and large equipment or lifting weights at the gym. While regular exercise can ultimately make your back stronger and help prevent pain, heavy lifting initially causes strain that can lead to muscle spasms in your back. If you need to lift heavy objects, learn how to do so safely. Safe lifting includes practices such as bending at the hips and knees to pick up the object, not lifting the object above the shoulder, and refraining from twisting and turning while holding the object in your arms. Doctors and physical therapists such as the ones at Ameriwell can answer further questions about how to lift and carry heavy objects safely.

2. Injuries

Injuries caused by car accidents, falls, and other unfortunate incidents can also cause back pain. In these cases, it is best to see a back pain doctor in Lanham, MD, to be completely evaluated and ensure that you are doing everything possible to allow your back to heal. Healing an injured back can take a long time, so having a trusted professional at Ameriwell who is willing to answer your questions may help to put your mind at ease.

3. Poor Posture

Having bad posture is a habit that can gradually result in back pain, particularly if you sit for long periods of time. Poor posture results in the alignment of your spine becoming unbalanced. Some ways to improve posture include imagining your head and shoulders being pulled up by a string while seated, participating in yoga and other stretching exercises, and taking regular breaks from sitting to go walk around.

Non-Invasive Pain Management Solutions

If you experience back pain often, you know that it can adversely affect your quality of life. If pain isn’t addressed, it can escalate in frequency and severity and threaten not only your enjoyment of day-to-day activities but also your ability to earn a living. Discussing your symptoms with a back pain doctor in Lanham, MD can set you on the road to recovery.

Seven Myths About Back Pain

Back Pain Can Result in Paralysis

The structure of your spine is resilient. Your spinal cord and cauda equina — a bundle of nerves at the base of your spinal cord — are well protected by muscles, ligaments and bones. It takes a lot to compress the spine or cauda equina, which is how paralysis occurs. Back pain is usually a result of damage to the vertebrae and soft tissue in your back.

Bulging Discs Cause the Majority of Back Pain

Research has shown that this isn’t true. Bulging discs seen on x-rays don’t correlate with back pain in an individual. Bulging discs are a normal part of aging. Your Ameriwell back pain doctor in Rockville MD, may allay your fears about bulging discs.

My Chronic Back Pain Must Have Begun With an Injury

Chronic back pain usually results from poor lifestyle choices over many years. For example, if you’re overweight, that can cause back strains, which lead to back pain. The same goes if you don’t regularly exercise. Unless you’ve been thrown off a building, your back pain most likely isn’t due to an injury.

I Need to Restrict My Activity Because I Have Back Pain

You lose endurance and muscle strength much faster than you can gain it. Sitting around doing nothing is not conducive to relieving your back pain. Your back pain doctor might recommend a day or two of rest, but after that, you should resume your normal activities — including exercise, which may prevent recurrence of back pain.

My Back Pain Means Something Is Damaged or Diseased

In a recent University of Iowa study of 1,200 people with back pain, fewer than 12 people had a significant injury or illness causing their pain. Your Ameriwell back pain doctor in Rockville MD, knows what questions to ask to determine if one of those rare instances may be true for you.

If an Exercise Hurts It Must Be Causing Me Harm

Exercise discomfort is common and normal. It could be you’re stretching a little further than you normally would, or you added too much weight to your workout. It could be that you’re just out of shape from nursing your back injury that you have to start off more gently. Even if the exercises hurt, it doesn’t mean any damage is being done to your back.

If No Back Problem Is Found, Then the Pain Is Psychological

Many causes of back pain go unknown. There aren’t tests you can take to find what’s creating the pain. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all in your head. Your back pain doctor in Rockville MD, may be able to treat you for back pain without knowing its exact cause.

Pain Reduction Through Movement

When you visit an AmeriWell clinic, you can expect your doctor to make an assessment and recommend a course of treatment. For mild to moderate pain, it is common for doctors to recommend movement-based pain management solutions. These small changes can produce excellent results:

  • Stretching: Gentle stretching can ease tension in muscles and ligaments, increase circulation, and improve range of motion.
  • Alignment: Pain can occur if your spine is improperly aligned and your body overcompensates on one side in order to stay upright (carrying a heavy bag is often the culprit). Exercises designed to correct your posture through attention to body alignment may rebalance your frame and decrease pain stemming from regularly carrying an asymmetrical load.
  • Strength Training: Weakened muscles are more susceptible to injury. Gentle strengthening exercises that restore the muscle functionality needed to support your spine may be included in your treatment regimen.

Massage Therapy

Receiving a massage isn’t a luxury limited to those with time and money for a pampering spa experience. In fact, massage therapy is a legitimate healing modality that, when administered by a therapist in a clinical setting, can dramatically reduce muscle pain and minimize future discomfort.

Doctors and therapists at Ameriwell can help ease the irritation caused by strain, adhesions (often called “muscle knots”), and stiffness by customizing each massage and using a variety of techniques on the affected areas, such as Swedish massage (light pressure), deep tissue massage (firm pressure), and/or myofascial release (technique focusing on connective tissue). While many patients feel a decrease in pain after only one or two sessions, scheduling regular massage appointments can maintain relief between sessions and help prevent recurring flare-ups.

Stress Reduction

Neck and back pain are common in people burdened by excessive stress. Those who metaphorically carry the weight of the world on their shoulders often experience physical manifestations of their stress and anxiety. A back pain doctor in Lanham, MD may recommend stress reduction practices as a part of your therapy, including breathing techniques, visualization exercises, and other relaxation methods.

A back pain doctor in Lanham, MD, can help alleviate your back pain, whether the pain was caused by one of these three factors or something else.